Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t waste time getting back to work after wrapping up filming on his Walking Dead spinoff.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is filming scenes for The Boys. For years, series showrunner Eric Kripke, who previously worked with Morgan on Supernatural, had been trying to get the actor involved with the show. Scheduling conflicts had always made the dream casting difficult to pull off, given how Morgan was constantly busy filming The Walking Dead. However, it was finally announced in August of this past year that Morgan had been cast in a mystery role for the upcoming fourth season of The Boys.

At that point, production on the fourth season had begun, and cast members of the show had welcomed Morgan to the team with social media posts. Now, with filming set to wrap on season 4 this month, Morgan has officially arrived on the set just in time to film his scenes for The Boys. The actor teased his debut in the show with an image from the set posted to Twitter. Morgan is not yet suited up as his character, leaving it a mystery as to who he may be playing, though he flashes a certain hand gesture in the image that shows just how well he’ll fit right in with the cast.

You can see the post below.

This follows a previous tease from Morgan hyping his arrival in the show. In November, he shared another photo on Instagram showing the script he’d been sent. He noted in the caption that he was actively working on memorizing his lines so he’d be prepared when he arrived on set to start filming his scenes.

“Hope you ready for me… cuz I sure as sh*t ready for you!” Morgan wrote in the caption, seemingly channeling Negan a little bit. “Memorizing as I run the fence line. A damn fine day… at least until I find the broken fence.”


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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character Is a ‘Badass’

While this isn’t shocking, Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell has said that Morgan has been cast as a character that could easily be described as a “badass.” While Mitchell couldn’t state who Morgan is playing, he had some teases about the character to suggest he’ll be a problem for whoever it is he’s facing, be it Homelander and the Supes for Billy Butcher and the Boys.

“I would say his Sun sign is ‘badass,’ and his Moon sign is ‘You don’t even want to f—ing know,'” Mitchell said, via The Movie Dweeb. “I don’t know how much can be revealed about that character, but I think the cool thing about this show is we’re always going in different directions and showing you different storylines and different characters in ways you wouldn’t expect, so I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to play a role that stays with fans for a long time.”

Given that this is exactly what he did with Negan and The Walking Dead, that’s not hard to believe at all. The season 4 release date has not yet been set by Prime Video, but you can currently stream the first three seasons on the streaming platform.


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