Johnny Galecki has a fond memory from his time on the hit show “The Big Bang Theory”.

During his stint on the show, he dated his co-star Kaley Cuoco from 2008 to 2010. Galecki reminisces about the moment when their characters first said “I love you” to each other in the show’s sixth season. He recalls the scene as being candid, and the two actors didn’t require multiple takes to get it right. According to Cuoco, Galecki still gets nostalgic about that particular moment.

Cuoco also shared that actors sometimes do multiple takes during a scene to have different options. However, the show’s creators felt that the scene was perfect and didn’t require retakes. They even asked the actors if they wanted to do another take, but they declined.

While shooting the scene, Cuoco had something else on her mind – the flash mob she had created for the crew’s first one. The flash mob was a surprise for the producers and writers, and Cuoco was preoccupied with making sure it went smoothly.


By Damyan Ivanov

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