Even the main cast of The Boys doesn’t know what role Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be playing in Season 4, but fans have a pretty convincing theory.

Five months have passed since the finale of The Boys Season 3 was released, and fans are already anticipating the next chapter of the beloved superhero show.

While there hasn’t been any official announcement about the Season 4 date of release, on-set photos, cast posts, and rumors confirm the filming of the upcoming season is in full swing.

Amazon Prime announced new exciting names joining the cast for the next season along with the return of fan-favorite stars. Jensen Ackles is confirmed to return as Soldier Boy, and Simon Pegg will play Hughie’s father again. As for new names, Rosemarie DeWitt, Rob Benedict, Elliot Knight, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are set to join The Boys.

“Kripke collecting Supernatural alumni on the Boys like they’re Infinity Stones,” one of the viewers commented referring to the fact that two of four new actors starred in Eric Kripke’s Supernatural.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance in the show is exciting news for fans who assume that such a big actor is bound to play a badass character. However, even Morgan’s co-stars don’t know yet who the celebrity will be portraying in The Boys. In the new interview with OK! Magazine both Laz Alonso and Tomer Capone playing vigilantes Mother’s Milk and Frenchie shared that they hadn’t even seen Morgan on set yet.

“We’re just kind of waiting too… He keeps posting he’s ready. It’s like, well, get your ass over here then!” Alonso said.

Not only fans are looking forward to seeing what Jeffrey Dean Morgan has to bring to the table. Tomer Capone said he was expecting Morgan’s appearance to be “a hell of a ride.”

While the cast and crew keep Morgan’s role in secret, The Boys fans seem pretty sure the actor will play Tek Knight, a parody of Iron Man and Blue Beetle from Marvel and DC Comics. Despite having no superpowers, Tek Knight is a powerful antagonist thanks to his high-tech suit. According to the comic-book series The Boys, he was the founder of Payback featured in Season 3.

“If he actually is Tek I’m going to love seeing what they do with him. He’s going to be badass on the show,” one of the fans commented.

Source: startefacts.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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