Pedro Pascal is one of the protagonists of The Last of Us series and has received good reactions so far, but someone else had their eyes on his role. Jensen Ackles ( Supernatural , The Boys ) recently revealed that he was very interested in playing Joel in the HBO Max production .

The actor revealed that the project was “at the top of his radar” and that he struggled to earn a spot in the cast. However, someone else ended up getting the upper hand. Check out the video below:

“I was really pushing myself. I don’t think ‘I was in a mix’ or even had a chance, but for the role of Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us…I was like ‘wow’.”

The Last of Us series is one of the most anticipated productions for 2023. It premieres on HBO Max on January 15th and its pilot episode will be around 90 minutes long .

Recent works by Jensen Ackles include Supernatural , The Boys and Big Sky . In these productions, he plays Dean Winchester, Soldier Boy and Beau Arlen, respectively.


By Damyan Ivanov

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