Never let it be said that Bleeding Cool isn’t willing to venture down every television, cable, streaming, YouTube, and podcast/audio drama alley possible to keep the SPN Family up-to-speed on the final seven episodes of The CW’s Supernatural. Today would be one of those days because our wandering brought us to something called Better Together w/ Maria Menounos. Now let me be clear: this is not a slight against Maria Menounos in any way. We’re still big fans of her WWE work and she was a helluva guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness– it’s just not a show we would’ve looked at twice if we didn’t notice that Genevieve Padalecki was a guest on this week’s episode. Because when we read that, two things came to mind: Supernatural and Walker, which she’s co-starring in with her husband and SPN co-star Jared Padalecki.

In the following episode, Genevieve discussed what it was like dealing with the production shutdown and then returning to work with new COVID health and safety protocols in place, while also giving fans some nice reminders of how long they’ve been together on the series. At around the 26:30 mark, Jared joins for about twenty minutes to discuss when the family’s life has been like during the pandemic, what it will be like working together on their new series (sounds like they might be looking for babysitters), and how he’s feeling about the series finale now that (at that point) it had filmed over a week ago. Here’s a hint: he couldn’t be happier…

Here’s a look back at the newest teaser “Exhaust”- but are there two ways we could be taking that title’s meaning? Sure, it could mean what Baby leaves behind as the Impala double-times it out of another deadly situation. Or it could mean what God’s been doing to our heroes this entire time, softening them up for “The End”: