Supernatural actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles discussed a possible reunion on Morgan’s The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan now leads The Walking Dead: Dead City, one of the original show’s spin-offs, which has been confirmed for Season 2. Earlier this month, there was a fan event in Burbank that brought together the Supernatural stars, and Morgan was among the attendees. CoveredGeekly reports that the actor, who previously portrayed John Winchester in Supernatural, has addressed the possibility of reuniting with his former co-star, Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, on his new show.

“Yeah,” the actor replied about a possible reunion around the 11:50 mark. “Yeah, funny enough, we had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about it… I think so. I mean, I’d love to have him; he would love to come and do it – sometimes, our schedules won’t quite work out the way we want them to,” Morgan shared, adding later that, “We’d love it to happen, I’ll tell you that. Make it so!”

Morgan isn’t the only Supernatural alum on the show. Before appearing on The Walking Dead in 2011 as Maggie, Lauren Cohan starred in the long-running The CW show. She played Bela Talbot in six episodes of Supernatural Season 3, which aired between 2007 and 2008. Unfortunately, her character didn’t live long on the show.

In response, Ackles himself confirmed he would love to appear in The Walking Dead: Dead City. “This is a real sweet spot, I think in both our careers that we can, that we have dear friends who are thriving in you know a multitude of shows and movies and stuff. In this industry, people like to work with people they trust and so, now I have, we have friends who are doing really well and say ‘Hey, do you want to come over and do a spot on the show, or you want to come do this movie together?’”

He continued: “So, there are those conversations quite a bit but like Jeff said, a lot of it comes down to availability and whether or not they can work that out, but yeah, I think any opportunity [we] get to go play on set together, that’s a good jump.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles Might Reunite on The Boys
After two years of scheduling, the two Supernatural actors might finally have another on-screen reunion, this time on Prime Video’s The Boys. The show, which has Supernatural creator Eric Kripke as its showrunner, will welcome Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the upcoming Season 4.

After joining the show in Season 3, Ackles teased on his Instagram that he might reprise his role as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4. So far, it’s unclear whether the two will actually share the screen, as details about Morgan’s character are still under wraps, and Ackles isn’t officially confirmed to return.

The Boys Season 4 is set to premiere on June 13, 2024. As for The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2, there’s no official release date at the time of publishing.


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