When talking about shows as long-lasting as “Supernatural,” it’s easy to blank on some of the characters who have popped in and out. Besides the main crew, those recurring characters tend to slip our minds once they’ve made their grand exit from the show.

In the case of  “Supernatural,” a handful of characters have made such an impact that the hole they left on the series can still be seen and felt long after they have bowed out — at least, that’s what happened with Mark Sheppard’s Crowley, the King of Hell.

Crowley first appeared in the fifth season of the fantasy drama and has been weaving in and out of the series until Sheppard was promoted to series regular for Season 10. The character was initially an antagonist that relentlessly tormented Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki’s Sam, and Dean Winchester, who eventually turned into an unlikely ally over the years. His humor, smarts, and overall badassery eventually propelled him to fan-favorite status, and many were devastated when the character was killed off in Season 12 — in a way that was uncharacteristic of Crowley, no less.

Some may argue that Crowley’s exit was justified, but Sheppard later made the revelation that he did not leave the series on his own terms.

Mark Sheppard was disappointed at how his character was written
Mark Sheppard would have continued his stint on “Supernatural” for longer had the writers hadn’t botched his character. Sheppard left the series in 2017, writing on Instagram at the time that he was off to greener pastures. “So to all my [‘Supernatural family’] everywhere… my crew and my fellow storytellers… thanks for the ride,” he penned. “Time for something new. Even when I lose.”

While the actor initially played off his exit as if it was his choice, he later revealed at the New York Comic Con that he wasn’t happy about how Crowley turned out plot-wise. “Once they decided they needed to do something different, they tried to get rid of me without telling me that they were going to get rid of me,” he shared (via SyFy). “But it became so apparent… It wasn’t this big bombshell at the end.” He didn’t think he went off with a bang, too, adding that Crowley’s demise on the show was “the slowest, most painful death I’ve ever seen. I’d gone from being the smartest character on the show to being the dumbest character on the show in two seasons. They ran out of what to do.”

It’s certainly a far cry from what he thought of the writing team two seasons prior, with the actor telling Collider that he’s amazed at how the writers continue to be inventive. “There’s a great new angle on Crowley, as we go into each season,” he told the outlet in 2015. “I’m very grateful to them for continuing to relish the character the way they do.”

Mark Sheppard refused to come back for the finale
In “Supernatural,” it’s not unusual for characters who have died to come back to life a few episodes or seasons down the line. Fans briefly held on to hope that Mark Sheppard would ultimately make a comeback as Crowley, especially after co-executive producer Jim Michaels hinted at his eventual return.

“Thanks for everything Mark! We never say never Mark! Besides, I know where you live!” he wrote on Twitter, which Sheppard took offense at, calling out Michaels for getting fans’ hopes up when it was clear that the show never intended for him to return. “With all due respect, your comment is inaccurate and misleading to the fans. There are NO plans to have me turn to SPN at ANY juncture,” he said.

What’s more, the actor dished during an appearance on the “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum” podcast that money issues helped bring about his exit. “It was kind of tacky. It was like, ‘Well, we don’t think we have enough money to pick up your option next year,'” he recalled. He put his foot down and refused to be reduced to a recurring character again, which resulted in him getting booted altogether. But at the end of the day, he had the time of his life on the show and will be eternally grateful for the friends he’s made on set. “I loved those guys,” he added. “I loved those guys with all my heart.”

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