Supernatural officially came to an end after 15 seasons. But ever since the cult-favorite series has gone off the air, fans have been asking themselves if this really is truly the end. Supernatural has become synonymous with things coming back from the dead, so who’s to say the same can’t be said for the show itself. In fact, one of the show’s leads, Jensen Ackles, hinted on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You, that he might be willing to don Dean Winchester’s flannels again. Given that Supernatural has concluded and its stars are itching for more, one of the obstacles to address concerns when the right time for a revival would be.

The chances of another run of Supernatural will depend on the loyalty of the fans. Each episode of the final season had an average of 1.1 million viewers, and the show was a hot topic on social media during this time. The interest in the finale of such a television staple garnered significant attention during its lead-up. Considering how much the show meant to so many viewers, it’s difficult to think it won’t return in some capacity down the road. However, the issue with a revival is timing, since the powers that be need to choose the correct moment to move if they want to capitalize on a fanbase eager for more.

Updated on February 21, 2024 by Katie Doll: Since Supernatural ended in 2020, there have been many talks about reviving the series. Mainly, leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are holding out hope that Sam and Dean’s monster-hunting adventures aren’t finished. This article has been updated with the latest news about a possible Supernatural revival, pulling on updates provided by the cast and The CW.

Waiting Too Long for a Supernatural Revival May Burn Fans’ Interest
Supernatural would benefit from looking at other examples of series that came back after long hiatus’ when selecting the right time for a possible revival. To be more specific, BBC’s Sherlock has proven that fans are willing to wait years for the return of their favorite series. Seven years have passed since the finale of Sherlock Season 4, and many fans are still desperate for new content. Even though the final episode of Sherlock appeared to tie up all the loose-ends and storylines, some of the most loyal viewers were not willing to accept its ending.

For many, Supernatural has been a consistent part of their lives for one and a half decades. So, if the creative team were to make fans wait longer than the show had been on the air, or even just a decade, it’s possible any interests from fans will die out. It’s also hard to imagine that either of the show’s leads would have much interest in returning after such a significant amount of time had passed. On the other hand, if Supernatural attempted to come back within a year or two, fans might feel duped, mostly because the creators had promised that the show’s fifteenth season would be its last. In the end, bringing a beloved franchise back too soon carries as much risk as waiting too long.

Supernatural Needs to Find a Sweet Spot to be Revived
With Sherlock being an indicator of the dedication fans can have for their favorite shows, it’s clear interest can still thrive after years have passed — even when there’s been no real news at all. If Supernatural were to wait at least three years to five years, it may be enough time to regenerate new interest and give fans a break from so many years of near-constant new material. That window appears to be within the delicate period where fans have had enough time away from a show to re-ignite their interest while also not allowing their dedication to die out.

At the moment, it’s unclear if Supernatural will ever be revived, but with at least one lead indicating that Sam and Dean’s conclusion may not be final, it’s hard to imagine the Winchesters never gracing television screens again. When they do return, though, viewers can only hope that it’s been the right amount of time.

Do The CW and Cast Even Want More Supernatural?
The issue that arises when hypothesizing a Supernatural revival, though, isn’t just the timing — it’s whether the creatives behind the show even want to return. The modern television industry is filled to the brim with spinoffs, reboots, and revivals of all sorts, and the general audience has mixed opinions on this. Some say that regurgitating the same characters with a different story and vice versa is overkill. People want original material, but they aren’t getting it with so many television shows connecting to one another via storyline or characters’ family trees. Sometimes, the spinoff even fails to capture the heart of what made the mothership series great. That seems to be what happened to the first and only Supernatural spinoff, The Winchesters.

Airing on The CW as well, Jensen Ackles narrated The Winchesters as Dean Winchester, telling the story of how his parents fell in love and became monster hunters. The series didn’t exactly receive favorable reviews, albeit it being the most-watched series for The CW during the 2022-2023 season. Despite The Winchesters’ five-season plan, The CW canceled it two months after the Season 1 finale. The crew tried to save the scraps as Ackles launched a #SaveTheWinchesters campaign, but the series failed to find a new home network.

At the time of The Winchesters’ cancelation, The CW was undergoing a major overhaul and getting rid of several other original shows. Tragically for Supernatural fans, this meant The Winchesters became collateral damage. Nonetheless, signs of Supernatural returning in any form haven’t been hopeful. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have consistently expressed hope for a 16th season of Supernatural, the latest expression coming at the Creation Honolulu convention in November 2023. Misha Collins, who played Castiel, wants to return in either a limited series or film format. Ultimately, the choice to resurrect Supernatural boils down to The CW, who isn’t as adamant about reviving the series as the actors. In February 2024, The CW’s President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz regrettably said that there have been no formal talks about bringing back Supernatural. All in all, things aren’t looking good for Supernatural, but that doesn’t mean fans or the cast have given up hope on the series. So maybe there’s a chance Sam and Dean can return to monster-hunting in the future. Only time will tell.


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