Stranger Things stars David Harbour And Millie Bobby Brown Gave A Hilarious Update From The Set Of The Show [VIDEO]

Hopper lives, but in this case, surviving’s not thriving. Just ask Stranger Things actor David Harbour, and the numerous (fake) cuts and bruises on his face. On April 7, while on the set of Stranger Things season 4, Harbour launched an Instagram Live, an activity generally frowned upon by studio execs for its tendency to … Read more

Stranger Things star David Harbour reveals PHOTO on the cast playing Virtual D&D

David Harbour just shared in his social media profiles a photo of him and the ‘Stranger Things’ cast playing Virtual D&D The 4th season of Stranger Things is back and the show’s social media accounts have shown us some fun content, including a sign from the kids’ school, a teaser about the return of the … Read more

Stranger Things David Harbour and Lily Allen could be planning on having kinds together

After tying the knot in Las Vegas this year, David Harbour and Lily Allen could be planning on having kids together. The ‘Smile’ and ‘Alfie’ singer recently spoke to The Sunday Times to discuss her future, when the topic of kids came up. Asked if she would like more children (she already has 8-year-old Ethel … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ Star Compares Season 4 To The Legend ‘Indiana Jones’

For months after Stranger Things Season 3 hit Netflix, viewers speculated about who the mysterious “American” was, the figure referenced within the finale’s post-credits scene. An official teaser for Season 4 revealed that David Harbour’s Hopper was indeed this mysterious person, which he somehow survived death after sacrificing himself. Plot details for Season 4 are … Read more

Stranger Things star David Harbour teased some big reveals about Chief Hopper’s past

Stranger Things’ David Harbour has teased that the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s sci-fi hit will contain some big reveals about Chief Hopper’s past. With Harbour’s fan-favourite character set for a surprise return (many believed him to be obliterated following season 3’s climactic explosion), it sounds like his mysterious history will come to the foreground. … Read more

Lily Allen Has Revealed How Her Boyfriend ‘Stranger Things’ Actor David Harbour Courted Her On Their First Date

EXCLUSIVE: Lily Allen’s boyfriend, Stranger Things actor David Harbour, wooed her on their first date by wearing fake Lily Allen merch he bought of eBay before branding her official merchandise ‘crappy quality’ RELATED: * Stranger Things writers shared a post hinting the upcoming fourth season The No Shame songstress said he won her around by … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Will Involve The Past Of Hopper, confirms David Harbour

Stranger Things season 4 promises to delve deep into Hopper’s mysterious past. That is according to star David Harbour, who says a “huge reveal” about the former sheriff’s backstory is coming soon, one that has been bubbling over since the second season. “I know specifically that in Season 4 we will give you a big, … Read more

A romance between ‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour and Lily Allen (PHOTO)

Stranger Things favourite David Harbour and popstar Lily Allen have gone public with their romance after being spotted kissing. Harbour, 44, and Allen, 34, have been at the centre of relationship speculation for a couple of months now, after attending a number of events together in London during the summer. Judging from their latest public displays … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ David Harbour’s(Jim Hooper) Instagram post is freaking out fans

David Harbour has been stressing out his fans left, right and centre since his ambiguous exit from Stranger Things – and his latest Instagram post did nothing to ease tension. Although it’s not quite what many of them think it is… Following Hopper’s pivotal role in the show’s season three finale, many viewers are at odds over his future … Read more