Happy Holidays from the Grinch amigas [Photo]

Aimee Garcia just uploaded a Cute Photo in Instagram with the Grinch amigas who wants to wish us a Happy Holiday. The description of Aimee Garcia’s Photo is – “Happy holidays everyone … from the Grinch amigas”. The Photo is Bellow:

Kai Parker from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has made his debut to Legacies (SPOILER)

You asked for it, and it finally happened — Kai Parker has officially made his Legacies debut, courtesy of an old camcorder. Wait, what? It may sound confusing, but Legacies found a clever way to slip in a quick appearance by The Vampire Diaries alum Chris Wood, who played Kai Parker in Seasons 6 and 8. “Since When Do You Speak … Read more