Amenadiel is going to hell in the last season of Lucifer! (Picture)

DB Woodside / Amenadiel has shared a picture from Lucifer season 5, showing a moment in Hell. The picture was uploaded in his Instagram profile with a description of – “When you’re going to Hell and you’re not thrilled about it… #lucifer #season5 #comingsoon” You can check the photo bellow:  

Will Lucifer be able to survive the fifth season?!

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Tom Ellis has teased a satisfying ending for season 5 of Lucifer

As the ending of the final season of Lucifer draws closer, more and more cast members of the Netflix hit have been speaking out about what fans can expect from the last outing. Now, Lucifer star Tom Ellis has teased a satisfying ending. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Devil star Tom Ellis revealed one … Read more