Legacies Cast Recently Shared Their Favorite Monster and Moments From Season 2 [VIDEO]

The cast of Legacies recently shared some of their favorite monsters featured in Season 2. “Yeah, I got a favorite monster. Cupid,” Chris Lee, who plays Kaleb Hawkins, revealed in an interview posted on The CW’s YouTube channel. Ben Levin, who portrays Jed on the show, also voted for Cupid — and Santa Clause — … Read more

The most emotional moments of Berlin (Pedro Alonso) in ‘Money Heist’

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was a beloved character during his tenure on the Netflix show Money Heist. The jewel thief was among the most iconic & charismatic members of the heist team, so fans were shocked to find out that his sociopathic façade was actually a means of coping with his terminal illness. When Berlin sacrificed … Read more