Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was a beloved character during his tenure on the Netflix show Money Heist. The jewel thief was among the most iconic & charismatic members of the heist team, so fans were shocked to find out that his sociopathic façade was actually a means of coping with his terminal illness. When Berlin sacrificed his life for the rest of the team in season 2, fans were utterly devastated.

Netflix recently celebrated Berlin’s legacy with a tribute video. The video is titled Berlin Forever – One Story Away and it sees fans from France, Canada, South Korea, and the rest of the world share how they reacted to Berlin’s last moments. It brought about lots of emotions and served to remind us just how crucial the character was to the show’s legacy.

Fan tributes
Berlin Forever kicks off with the scene in which Berlin dies. The character realizes that his team is surrounded by police, so he chooses to sacrifice himself so that the rest of the team has a chance to get away. He is riddled with police bullets & killed instantly but his gambit pays off, and the team makes a successful escape.

The video then cuts to fans as they recount the experience of watching Berlin’s death for the very first time. Raul from Barcelona claimed to have watched the scene with covered eyes. “I’m watching through my hands at this moment,” he recalled. “Are they really about to kill Berlin?”

The video then intercuts fan reactions with the heartbreaking moments leading up to Berlin’s death. Berlin rambles about his past mistakes, and his desire to rectify them for the good of his friends. “I’ve spent my life being a bit of an a–hole,” he says. “I think I feel like dying with dignity.” The Professor (Álvaro Morte) screams with anguish as he sees Berlin take his final breath.

Dramatic death
The dramatic fashion in which Berlin is killed is then recreated in the Berlin Forever video. Each of the fans pretend as though they are shot with multiple bullets and they dramatically fall to the floor. One couple even does so while holding an infant.

The fans theorized about Berlin’s decision to sacrifice himself, and some felt that he did so as a means of making peace with his amoral past. Judit from Barcelona felt that every heist team needs a member who was willing to do what it took to get the job done right. “I think you need someone like that on a team like this,” she asserted. “These are bank robbers, not choir boys.”

Things take an emotional turn when fans start talking about the fate of Berlin’s soul. Drux & Flam from Copenhagen believes that Berlin was a man in constant search of redemption, and that his plans to rectify his bad deeds are still being pursued in the afterlife. “He’s a character who’s trying to find himself, even in his afterlife,” they concluded.

Berlin’s possible return
Berlin Forever ends with fans singing the show’s theme song “Bella Ciao”. It’s a lovely moment of unity and a fitting send-off to a character who made the ultimate sacrifice for those he cared about.

Money Heist is currently filming its final season, and some fans have speculated that Berlin could still be alive. There are theories that he wore a bulletproof vest during the police standoff, and that he ultimately gave information up to the police to save his own neck.

These theories have little evidence to support them, but Alonso did hint that he would be returning for season 5 with a cryptic Instagram post. It remains to be seen whether Alonso will be present for flashbacks or if he will indeed bring about the return of everyone’s favorite scoundrel.