Lucifer is a show fans rallied around very early on in its run. Its devilish charm and ability to grip its audience from the off is second to none in the eyes of many viewers. With a pilot episode full of emotion, hilarious comedy, and strong character introductions, it’s not hard to see why it resonated with fans from the moment it hit their TV screens. It’s one of those rare shows that can get away with absolutely anything, which makes fans love it even more.

With a charismatic lead (Tom Ellis) who can say the silliest things and have them come out so naturally funny, an unusual plot not seen anywhere else, and some of the most outlandishly comedic moments to cross TV screens, Lucifer will likely remain a series held in the hearts of millions for years to come. Throughout its impressive ninety-three episodes, The Devil garnered some fantastic additions, many of which came after Netflix’s show-saving heroics. While this incredible series has some outstanding moments within each season, according to IMDb, these ten episodes are the best of them all.

“Devil Is As Devil Does” – Season 4, Episode 7
IMDb Rating – 9.1

Angel babies, protective demons, and devil wings. That may sound crazy, but in the words of Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), “I guess this is just a normal Tuesday for me now.” Yes, this is completely normal for Lucifer. The beginning of season four revealed that Chloe (Lauren German) hadn’t taken Lucifer’s reveal as well as she was portraying. Running off to Europe for a month, she meets Father Kinley (Graham McTavish), who tries to convince her to send Lucifer back to Hell.

While she eventually refused, Kinley popped up occasionally throughout the rest of the season, usually to deliver some bad news, and in “Devil Is As Devil Does,” he dropped one hell of a bombshell at Chloe’s feet. According to him, evil would be unleashed on the Earth when Lucifer found his first love. That’s not good. But interconnected scenes show Lucifer cowering in a chair after he calls Linda for help. He’s terrified and shakily says, “I don’t want to be a monster,” before revealing that his wings have changed from Angel white to red and black. The utter fear on Lucifer’s face is heartbreaking, and it’s evident how scared he is at the thought.

“Off the Record” – Season 3, Episode 7
IMDb Rating – 9.1

Fans got a deeper look into the past of a favorite character in the season three episode “Off the Record” when the show took them on somewhat of a present-day/flashback-style episode. When a man by the name of Reese Getty (Patrick Fabian) wakes up from a coma, he discovers Lucifer is sleeping with his wife, who is later revealed to be Linda.

The seventh episode of the third season explores the connections between Lucifer, Reese, and Linda while he and Chloe simultaneously work a case connected to Linda’s ex-husband. Reese sees Lucifer’s devil face in one of the most chilling reveals as he stares directly at the camera, sending him on a downward spiral into proving he’s the actual devil. The episode leaves viewers curious as to where the story will end up, but the twist at the end makes the writing in this one so good. He was never in a coma. He’d died, and audiences had just experienced his Hell loop.

“Is This Really How It’s Going to End?” – Season 5, Episode 15
IMDb Rating – 9.2

Arguably, the most unexpectedly heartbreaking episode came in season five’s penultimate, entitled “Is This Really How It’s Going to End?” And by the time it came to a close, that’s exactly how audiences were left feeling. It opened like many other episodes of Lucifer, Lux, music, dancing, and the man himself, but halfway through, the tone shifted dramatically in a way it had never done before.

Lucifer is more than capable of breaking the hearts of its fans, but this time, it absolutely shattered them. Out of nowhere, long-time series regular Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) was kidnapped, held hostage, and beaten. As he tried to escape, he was shot in the back and then shot in the chest twice more. Nobody saw it coming, which made it that much harder to stomach. But despite putting viewers through emotional turmoil, the writing, cast performances, and the impact it had on fans show how captivating it was, albeit out of pure heartache.

“A Chance At A Happy Ending” – Season 5, Episode 16
IMDb Rating – 9.2

of the show’s fifth season, many viewers didn’t like the “evil twin” trope being introduced to the show. Despite mixed feelings for the new angel in town, his presence made for some great scenes throughout the season. It quickly became evident that Michael was there to cause nothing but trouble for Luci when he decided to steal his brother’s life.

The hatred for Michael grew to seething anger as the season progressed, culminating in an epic finale entitled “A Chance At A Happy Ending.” The episode saw Michael and Lucifer go head-to-head. While Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Chloe, and an army of demons fought for Lucifer to become the new God. The final battle is one of the most violent seen on the show, and combined with its CGI, special effects, and dramatic conclusion, this finale was gripping from start to finish. “Oh my, Me!”

“Quintessential Deckerstar” – Season 3, Episode 23
IMDb Rating – 9.3

Ah, Deckerstar. The will they, won’t they ship that drove Lucifer fans to insanity’s brink. It took five years for these two to finally become a couple. Talk about a slow burn. Even then, fans were always waiting for the next bump in their relationship road. As the showrunners had done previously, they’d admit their feelings, and then something would happen to halt any progression.

Season three’s appropriately named “Quintessential Deckerstar,” was no different, despite the reasoning behind this interruption being something far more heartbreaking. Earlier in the season, Lucifer admitted his feelings after Linda asked him what he truly desired. He said he wanted Chloe to choose him. He knew that was exactly what she’d done after realizing she didn’t need him, but wanted to keep him in her life, and the two shared a kiss that sent Deckerstar shippers over the edge. And then the phone rang. Yep, typical Deckerstar.

“A Good Day to Die” – Season 2, Episode 13
IMDb Rating – 9.3

As previously mentioned, Lucifer and Chloe may not have officially admitted their love for one another until many seasons in. But their chemistry was evident from the first episode. Fans could feel it radiating through their TV screens anytime they shared a scene. They were willing to die for one another, as proven numerous times throughout the show. But Lucifer took it one step further than simply being willing in the second season episode concerningly named “A Good Day to Die.”

When Chloe was poisoned after chasing down a suspect, she grew progressively sicker as the episode went on. Desperate not to lose her, Lucifer enlists the help of Amenadiel, Maze, and Linda to kill him and allow him to enter Hell in order to retrieve the formula to save her life. The power behind this episode was enough to send chills throughout the whole body. The way the final scenes connect, combined with the song “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors playing over the montage, was enough to bring a tear to the eye. It truly is one of Lucifer’s most beautifully crafted episodes.

“Spoiler Alert” – Season 5, Episode 8
IMDb Rating – 9.3

“Spoiler Alert,” this episode’s a doozy. Lucifer season 5A ended with the aftermath of a shaken-up Dan having shot Lucifer in the chest in the previous episode. Under the guidance of a meddling angel, Dan discovered Lucifer’s devilishness when Michael called him, pretending to be Lucifer, and lured him back, only to be met with the sight of the devil cradling a baby. It’s certainly not something one sees every day.

After his initial shock that he’s now immortal, Lucifer spends the majority of the episode looking for a way to get revenge against Dan, but his plans are interrupted when Chloe is kidnapped, and the team races to find her. During the chaos, poor Ella (Aimee Garcia) gets the biggest shock of her life when she discovers the man she’s been seeing is actually the serial killer they’ve been hunting. But perhaps the almightiest moment of this episode came at the very end when God (Dennis Haysbert) appeared out of nowhere to break up a fight between Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Michael. Nope, didn’t see that one coming.

“Save Lucifer” – Season 4, Episode 9
IMDb Rating – 9.4

As Chloe and Lucifer attend a crime scene in which one of three sisters is murdered, Lucifer begins to lose control of his devil form. It first presents as a rash-looking flare-up on his hand and quickly spreads, encasing the rest of his hands, then his neck, and eventually, he loses total control of his face.

Having made the recent realization that he hates himself, Lucifer blames this for why he is no longer in control. He believes he is poison to anybody who cares about him, and the end of the episode resolves in a heartstring-pulling scene when Chloe tells him he needs to forgive himself. The pure sadness on his face clashes with the monstrous devil form he’s presenting, and it really is upsetting to see him with so much hatred for himself. “Save Lucifer” is one of the most meaningful episodes of the show. It proves that everyone, even the devil, sometimes needs saving. And that’s not a bad thing.

“Who’s da New King of Hell?” – Season 4, Episode 10
IMDb Rating – 9.6

Season four began its run by dealing with the aftermath of the dramatic season three finale, in which Chloe finally found out about his true identity. Fans had waited three years for the reveal, only for the show to be axed soon after it aired. Despite the show’s brief cancelation, season four went on to provide one of the best finales across all six seasons.

After Chloe had somewhat come to terms with her partner’s devilness, the primary focal point switched to Lucifer dealing with his own internal battle with demons. Season four’s finale, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” followed on from its predecessor in tackling Lucifer’s self-hatred, ending on a bittersweet note when he’s forced to bring out his true form to send some unruly demons back to hell. While Chloe finally admits her love for him no matter what, he reciprocates her feelings but must return to Hell to keep the demons in line, leaving Chloe and fans sad to see him go.

“A Devil of My Word” – Season 3, Episode 24
IMDb Rating – 9.7

How does someone manage to annoy every member of a fandom in a single moment? Easy. Cancel the show just as a character moment everyone’s been waiting for for three years happens. That’ll do it. The third season of Lucifer culminated with one of the biggest cliffhangers ever. After three years of waiting for series regular Chloe Decker to find out she was working with the actual devil, Fox canceled the series, prompting outrage from fans.

As often seen when a show gets axed, fans took to social media platforms and started a petition, adamant to save the show. Their determination paid off when Netflix swooped in and answered their prayers, picking up the series for three more seasons. Not only did it provide a chance for answers to “A Devil of My Word’s” burning questions, but it also allowed the show, its cast, and crew to go out on their own terms. This episode may have instilled anger and frustration in viewers by the time the credits rolled, but without its powerhouse performances and fantastic end scene, who knows where the series would’ve ended up.


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