‘La casa de papel’ is one of the most successful Spanish series in history . After the end of the fifth and final season, Netflix confirmed that it managed to accumulate 6.7 billion hours watched, making it the most in-demand non-English-speaking series globally on the platform.

Although “La casa de papel” ended more than a year ago, we continue to discover new data from the series. Recently, A hikar Azona, who plays Matías Caño, also known as Pamplona , ​​has told how the casting for the series went.

«I am fixing cars in a workshop in Pamplona and in the message tray of strangers on Instagram I received the following message: «We want to see you for a role in Patria, an HBO series»» . His first reaction was to think it was a lie, but then they called him and it turned out to be true. He replied that he could go on Sunday because it was his day off from work.

And he continues: «I went to the casting with Eva and Yolanda, the casting directors. They did the casting for me and they told me “well, since you’re here, play this other role for ‘La casa de papel’ that also fits your profile.” They gave me the script at the time and four months later they called me that I had the role of ‘La casa de papel’, not that of ‘Patria’» .

Pamplona is one of the robbers of ‘La casa de papel’ who participates in the robbery of the Bank of Spain in seasons three and four. He spends most of season three working at the gold pit along with Bogota, Nairobi, and other volunteers.

Fun facts about ‘La casa de papel’
All the characters in the series hide their identity and are called as cities . Tokyo was the first of all because Álex Pina, the creator, wore a T-shirt with the name of the Japanese capital on it. The rest of the names of the protagonists quickly arrived.

Initially, the series was going to be called ‘The Evicted’ and all the robbers were going to have something in common: that their houses had been taken from them. Finally, it was decided to remove that more social nuance and the series was baptized as ‘La casa de papel’.

The flooded chamber scenes were shot at Pinewood Studios (UK), specializing in underwater filming . To make the effect more impressive, the vault was sunk into a tank.

Source: okdiario.com

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