Jim Parsons created on of the best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ moments that was completely unscripted, one he will never be able to duplicate.

We saw so many memorable moments throughout its lengthy run. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ featured a bit of everything, from embarrassing moments that were hard to watch, to heartbreaking scenarios that had us in tears. Luckily, in this article, were looking at the positives, revealing some unscripted moments that the fans had a blast with.

We’ll take a look at a touching unscripted moment during the finale, while also looking at perhaps the best moment, which featured Sheldon writing up his roommate agreement for Penny and Leonard, only for it to turn into a disaster when he realized the two had broken up again.

Nonetheless, it would lead to pure gold and a scene they could not duplicate even if they tried a million times over.

What Was The Best Unscripted Moment In ‘Big Bang Theory’ History?


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“‘The Big Bang Theory’ for me was about people who didn’t fit in, who want to fit in, who want to participate in life but don’t know how,” Lorre explains. “That’s a story worth telling.” Indeed, it was, creator Chuck Lorre had quite the run with the show, as it aired 279 episodes over the course of its epic 12 season run. In truth, it could have lasted even longer had Jim Parsons decided otherwise.

Most of the cast, Kaley Cuoco included was very content with their circumstances during the show. Kunal Nayyar revealed that saying goodbye was hard to digest, “Yeah, you know I often say for me, personally, ending Big Bang was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong but it’s just time. That’s really what it felt like you know. I’m still processing what that entire journey was like. 279 episodes you know, I grew up on that show.”

We saw so many great moments throughout the show’s lengthy history and in truth, some of them were even off script. This includes Johnny Galecki overly laughing during scenes. Even in the final episode during Sheldon’s speech, it is said that the tears from the cast were completely organic and not part of the episode. Kaley Cuoco did this on a few occasions throughout the show’s run.

There was another unscripted moment that fans couldn’t get enough of, and it had to deal with both Leonard and Sheldon. Arguably, this was the best unscripted moment that we are thankful the show kept in.

Sheldon Sending His Contract Papers Flying Was A Memorable Moment
The episode in question featured Leonard and Penny getting back together… only briefly that is. Sheldon stayed up the entire night re-writing the roommate agreement with Penny involved, though the only problem, they had broken up again. The incredible moment happens when Leonard shares the news, as Sheldon hilariously stares into his soul, only to let the contract fly in the air.

It was at that point when they organic moment took place, as one of the papers landed in the back of Sheldon’s head.

We’re not quite sure how he did it, but Sheldon was still able to utter his final line with the paper hanging of his head saying, “do you even think of other people Leonard, do you?” He would proceed to storm off, managing to keep a straight face the entire time. Props to Galecki who also didn’t smile, despite the fact that he was caught doing so on multiple situations throughout the show’s run.

What Did The Fans Think Of The Scene?
‘Big Bang Theory‘ fans had a blast with this scene and in truth, most are crossing their fingers for a reboot down the road. This particular moment as over 100K view on YouTube, with fans praising Sheldon for being able to keep it together, despite the off-script moment taking place.

“What really makes this scene is how that sheet of paper landed on his shoulder and leaned against his head WITHOUT FALLING, and HE NEVER FLINCHED!”

“They could try that a billion times over, and it still could never be done over again…”

“How he not laugh when that paper land on his shoulder? Lmao Leonard probably wanted to laugh his ass off haha.”

“The funniest part of Big Bang happened by mere chance. THAT was a 1 in a million chance right there.”

As the fans stated, what made this moment so special is the fact that it is truly impossible to duplicate, no matter how many times you try it over!

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