At the 2023 Golden Globes, Kaley Cuoco had a lot to celebrate. Apart from being nominated for Best Television Actress for The Flight Attendant, she is about to welcome a daughter with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey. While she only just debuted her baby bump on the red carpet, eagled-eyed fans caught a glimpse of it on social media.

In a December video posted to celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski’s TikTok, The Big Bang Theory star was spotted browsing on her phone with her shirt open enough to reveal her bump. As the two longtime friends did a bit they often partake in on the app, Brad approached the pregnant actress to ask a question. That is, until she put up a finger and stopped him in his tracks.

“Um, Kaley, can I just … I just have … ,” he said before the 8 Simple Rules alum silenced him. Mommy’s working … and this time it’s real,” she responded in the clip.

@bradgoreski Mommy’s actually working🤰🏼 #kaleycuoco #newmommy ♬ original sound – Brad Goreski

But that wasn’t the end of the duo’s antics. Brad continued ribbing his close friend, only for Kaley to quiet him once more. “Right, but I … ” he continued. “But there’s just one … are you sure I can’t just … ” Her answer jokingly remained the same: “Mommy’s working.”

While the video happens to be one made for laughs, Big Bang Theory fans were more interested in the fact the joke reflected Kaley’s impending motherhood. It wasn’t long before they began to react to the TikTok in Brad’s comments.

@bradgoreski Mommy’s working #goldenglobes #kaleycuoco ♬ original sound – Brad Goreski

“She is glowing. Love her,” one person wrote. “Now yes, MOM IS WORKING! Congrats 🥳,” another added. “[Oh my gosh]! That cute baby bump. 🥰,” a different follower replied.

Luckily for folks, this isn’t the first time Brad has posted about Kaley’s pregnancy. Ahead of the Golden Globes, he shared a TikTok of her texting before walking the red carpet. And like usual, her answer was the same: “Mommy’s working.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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