Chuck Lorre’s career has had its ups and downs. Despite the success of Two and a Half Men, lots of controversy took place behind the scenes. Lorre was so traumatized by the experience, that he actually banned himself from watching the show for years once it was over with.

The same cannot be said for his experience on The Big Bang Theory. Chuck had a blast on the show, and it was hard for him to let go, especially when planning the final episode. In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at the neat details fans didn’t notice about the finale. In addition, we’ll reveal the other shows Lorre added hidden messages to. Clearly, the creator had his fair share of fun along the way.

Chuck Lorre Was Known For Dropping Hidden Messages During His Sitcoms, Including Two And A Half Men
Throughout his career, Chuck Lorre was known for flashing a quick card for one second. It would not be long enough for any fan to read what was actually written and most assumed it was another disclaimer at the end of the episode.

Lorre issued this neat Easter egg back in the day during his time on Dharma & Greg. For one card in particular he wrote, “Thanks for videotaping Dharma & Greg and for freeze framing on my video card.”

Lorre did the same thing during the end of Two and Half Men episodes. One card in particular flashed, “Do not attempt to replicate what you saw in tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men. Despite the seeming lack of serious consequences and regardless of the hilarity that ensued, this is extremely dangerous behaviour that could result in injury or death. Please keep in mind that we employ a highly-paid Hollywood professional who has years of experience with putting his life at risk. And sadly, no, I’m not talking about our stunt man.”

Looks like Lorre was going after Sheen on the particular occasion…

As for The Big Bang Theory finale, Lorre kept his final message short and sweet.

Chuck Lorre Wrote “The End” In Small Letters After The Credits Ended On The Big Bang Theory Finale
Chuck Lorre inserted a few neat moments in the finale. The emotional episode featured cool touches by Lorre. Among them, included The Barenaked Ladies performing a special alternative version to show’s theme song.

Lorre was appreciative of just how much the song meant to the show, and decided to put an emotional twist on the theme during the finale.

“One of the gifts of being part of this series all these years was Ed Robertson, and the Barenaked Ladies have just given us an enormous boost,” Lorre says with the Hollywood Reporter. “That theme song gives you such a good feeling at the beginning of every episode. It’s a remarkable little piece of music. I defy anybody to listen to that song and not smile.”

He continues, “I just thought maybe it would be appropriate to go back to that acoustic version, slow it down, imbue it with a melancholy mood and take us out and that be our last piece of the finale.”

Among the other special add-ons included a hidden message at the end that flashes on the screen. It simply writes, “The end.”

Chuck Lorre Admitted The Last Big Bang Theory Episode Was A Lot More Emotional That He Anticipated
Finale episodes are very tricky to plan and a lot of time, fans have been left disappointed. Not only did Lorre face this type of pressure, but he was also extremely emotional about ending the sitcom after 12 seasons.

He revealed with USA Today, “I almost couldn’t do it. I didn’t really think that it would be difficult, but as soon as they put that thing in my hands, I started to choke. It was loaded with significance. It was the last take of ‘The Big Bang Theory.'”

For Lorre, saying goodbye to the cast and crew was just as difficult, especially given how smooth things were behind the scenes for its 12 season run. Chuck revealed that this was the biggest standout during his time on the show.

“For 12 years, there was no drama. It was people coming to work every day, having a good time and looking out for each other. It was wonderful. I looked forward to going to table reads, rehearsals and shoot nights and I think everyone involved felt the same way.”

He continues, “We were lucky. It was a gift to be part of something like that for so long and to enjoy it and feel grateful the whole time. It just doesn’t happen very often in his business.”

Lorre created a close connection with the cast and crew, making the last episode that much harder to deal with. He likely felt a little different filming the final episode of Two and a Half Men, especially with that particular final scene involving ‘Charlie’…


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