Arguably the most emotional part of the finale was Sheldon Cooper finally acknowledging all of his friends and thanking them.

One tribute in particular had fans choked up and that was when Sheldon called Howard an Astronaut proudly.

Given the battles they had on the show, especially given Howard’s title, it was great to see Sheldon finally respect his close friend.

We can also tell the line meant a lot to Parsons, as he appeared to be choked up by it. The fans on YouTube would also discuss the subtle moment.

“No one ever noticed that Sheldon almost chokes up from emotion when he says “astronaut Howard Wallowitz.”

“My eyes filled with tears when after all this time, Sheldon announces “Astronaut Howard Walowitz”. You have to be a TBBT junkie to truly appreciate how beautiful that moment was.”

“I broke down when he called Howard an Astronaut. Finally.”




By Damyan Ivanov

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