Maybe we’ll have a chance to see them in a spinoff?

Although the writers of The Big Bang Theory had up to 11 years to explore all the dynamics between the characters, some of them, according to the fans, still fell short. Of course, everyone admires the romance between the main characters and the friendship within the original group, but there are some relationships that could have been interesting to explore more deeply.

One of the show’s most prominent friendships, one that grew stronger with each episode and stood out from the rest, was that between Penny and Sheldon. Considering how similar Penny was to Sheldon’s sister Missy, the two quickly developed a very sibling-like relationship.

However, Penny was not the only girl in the group that Sheldon seemed very fond of. In fact, one could argue that as much as he found Penny cute, he admired Bernadette much more.

It’s safe to say that neither character was the nicest in their group of friends. Much of the criticism of the show has focused on how many terrible things both Sheldon and Bernadette have said or done to those close to them. However, they seem to have refrained from going after each other, no matter how many reasons there might be.

Moreover, Sheldon Cooper seems to genuinely respect Bernadette’s intelligence, which is probably the highest compliment you can get from him. Even her husband Howard, who has been a friend of Sheldon’s for years, has never received any praise for his work.

The sweetness of his friendship with both Bernadette and Howard reaches its peak when he decides to donate 25% of his winnings to their first child’s education fund. This gesture, followed by a sarcastic remark about the child escaping the fate of becoming another engineer, may be one of the most heartfelt in the entire series.

Although The Big Bang Theory has already ended, there is still a chance to see more wholesome interactions between Sheldon and Bernadette in the future, as there was a new spinoff of the series announced by Warner Bros. earlier this year. No details have been released, so anything could happen!

In the meantime, you can relive your favorite Big Bang Theory moments by streaming the sitcom on Netflix or MAX.


By Damyan Ivanov

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