Producers Steve Holland and Steve Molaro have revealed an alternate final scene for The Big Bang Theory in Jessica Radloff’s book. Despite its popularity, CBS ended the show after 12 years, but the producers crafted a satisfying send-off for the Pasadena gang. However, they also considered a more comedic final shot involving the elevator getting fixed.

Co-creator Chuck Lorre had always wanted the elevator opening to be the final scene, but they decided against it as it would have been too predictable.

The alternate final scene they considered involved the gang walking up the stairs after returning from their trip to Stockholm to receive Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize, and just as they reached the fourth floor, the elevator would ding and open. They also considered a moment where Sheldon and Amy discuss winning the Nobel Prize, and just as they finish talking, the elevator would open. However, they ultimately decided to have the elevator open earlier in the episode during a moment where Sheldon was freaking out because Amy had gotten a haircut and the Nobel Prize was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The final scene that aired on CBS showed the gang returning home for their usual dinner, indicating that their friendship continues despite the show ending. This made it a unique and emotional ending, unlike other sitcoms that had more end-of-an-era moments. While the elevator getting fixed could have been a great ending, it would have been predictable, and the scene they ultimately chose was the best option.


By Damyan Ivanov

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