They may no longer star together as TV’s favourite couple but that hasn’t stopped The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki from trolling Kaley Cuoco on Instagram.

For those who aren’t aware, Kaley is finally able to get back to work on her new series, The Flight Attendant, after the production was unexpectedly shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And while it’s exciting news for Kaley and all the fans eager to get their chance to watch her next big TV role since Penny Holfstader, returning to work means she’ll be away from her husband Karl Cook for two whole months.

Kaley made her feelings about that clear in the latest installment of her Instagram series, A Cup of Cuoco – featuring special guest Karl (and their adorable new rescue pup Petunia).

In the epic A Cup of Cuoco/Walking and Talking collaborations, Kaley couldn’t hide the fact she was devasted about having to be away from her man for so long.

However Karl played it cool in comparison, causing one of the actress’ 6.1 million followers to add his two cents.


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Johnny wrote: ‘Oh my God. As if this couldn’t get any worse. Leave that poor, lovely man alone.’

He then added in another comment: ‘Imma charter a jet and sky-hook @mrtankcook outta there. Be on the roof at 12:25 PM PST, Karl.’