Tom Ellis Lucifer photo

Ildy Modrovich responded to a cryptic tweet teasing details of the upcoming season.

Season five of Lucifer on Netflix is almost upon us – and now series boss Ildy Modrovich has commented on some cryptic spoilers on Twitter as the anticipation rises.

Responding to a tweet from SpoilerTV staff writer CJ Allan that seemed to tease some possible events from the next run of the show, Modrovich wrote, “This is incredible. Are there more??”

The tweet which she was replying to included images of six different items, including a fairytale book, a Monopoly board and a pair of fluffy handcuffs, all of which supposedly offer clues to the events of the fourth episode of the season.

The cryptic spoilers have already had many fans guessing at what they could possibly mean as viewers attempt to work out what is going to happen in season five.

One Twitter user picked up on the use of black and white in the images and wrote, “The only thing get from it is…. this must be the black and white episode” referring to the fact that one episode in the upcoming series has been confirmed to be a black-and-white journey into the past.

The inclusion of the Monopoly board was a particular source of discussion, with one fan tweeting, “The monopoly board!! It seems like a theme and I love it.”

And a third Twitter user had all sorts of theories based on the images, writing, “Lucifer loses at game night with Trixie and has to read her a bedtime story. Someone is cuffed probably Lucifer by Jack and he is flirtatious as always. Someone is blind on one eye or ignores something Eye of Horus – we learn more about Lucifer as the Lightbringer.”

This is the fourth image of this nature that has been tweeted by Allan – one for each of the first four episodes – with those for the other episodes having included pictures of a trumpet, an apple with a bite taken out of it, Pinnochio and Neo from The Matrix.

Season five lands on Netflix on 21st August and is built around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) being cast back in Hell while his twin, Angel Michael (also played by Ellis), appears on Earth to royally mess things up.