The star from The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar returned in London town to continue filming his new series, and shared in his social media profiles an satisfying message to his fandom as he returned to the capital.

The 39-year-old was knee-deep in shooting the upcoming Apple TV thriller Suspicion, alongside Uma Thurman in the UK, before coronavirus struck and the TV industry was momentarily forced to close down.

Suspicion follows Uma as a desperate mother on a mission to find her son in New York.

Production is now up and running and to celebrate, Kunal smoldered to the camera with his new beard and reflected on his colossal success during an emotional post on Instagram.

‘Back in London. Incredibly humbled and grateful to return to shooting,’ he began

‘I never forget where this journey began, all of my achievements have been because of great sacrifices from a lot of people, as well as the unmentioned angels that gave me numerous couches to sleep on, and encouraged me to dream big.

‘Every day I’m on set, feels like the first day again. I’m a schoolboy and it’s the first day of class- “give em hell” Sending you all love.’

After waving goodbye to Raj in The Big Bang Theory, Kunal took some time out to explore the world and then returned to screens last month as a chilling killer in Netflix’s Criminal.

His ‘cold and psychotic’ role was widely praised by fans, and Kunal spoke to about purposefully shutting the door on his sitcom past – at least for now.

‘There was definitely [a deliberate decision],’ he said of Criminal. ‘It was not like, “oh I’m only going to do this kind of work”, but it came at the right time. It was definitely what I wanted to do.

‘Also physically, I’m so recognisable from my voice, I’m so recognisable from my face… it was important to do something that completely breaks the barrier’

‘I still have some mannerisms of Raj – just as I have some mannerisms of this character – but I wanted to make sure that whatever I did next was like, “Wait, who is this? Oh My God. Is that the guy from The Big Bang?!” as opposed to “Oh there’s Raj, playing a killer”.

‘I hope if there’s anything that can be taken away from this is that that’s what I would have achieved – that the first instance is “wow, they’re so different!”’