In The Big Bang Theory the characters Amy and Sheldon were married by the end of CBS’ popular comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” but things could have taken a different turn.

On the season 10 finale, Sheldon proposed to Amy. The episode ended without Amy giving a response.

At the time it aired in 2017, Bialik told Insider she wasn’t sure how Amy would respond, but could see it going either way.

When we recently caught up with Bialik to chat about her partnership with Neuriva, we asked if she really didn’t know that Amy was going to eventually accept Sheldon’s proposal on the season 11 premiere.

“No, no, no. I really did not know the answer,” Bialik said, reiterating she really was in the dark as to how Amy was going to respond.

“One thing about me is that I actually don’t lie. It’s just a feature of my personality,” Bialik continued. “So, no. If I would’ve known, I would’ve told you, ‘I know, but I’m not telling you.'”

It wasn’t just Bialik and the audience who were left wondering about the different scenarios of how things could play out between the couple.

Bialik said not even the writers knew Amy’s answer at the time. It was something they were still figuring out after the season ended in summer 2017.

“To be honest, I’m sure that our writers got to sort of talk it out,” Bialik said. “We have such an amazing group of writers and I was close with several of them and actually kind of talked to them in the off season — and not influence them in any way.”

“They didn’t even necessarily have a unanimous agreement on what should happen,” Bialik added. “It’s something that they had to decide as a show, ‘What are we going to do?'”

Of course, Amy wound up accepting Sheldon’s proposal, and the two were married nearly a year later on the season 11 finale by Mark Hamill, someone Bialik described as “an unbelievable person to get to interact with” and who she’d love to work with again.

“I would love any opportunities to continue interacting [with Hamill], but as for now, it’s been restricted to the Twitter sphere,” Bialik said, referencing some of their back and forths on the social-media platform.

“The Big Bang Theory” ended in 2019 after 13 seasons. When asked if anyone has approached Bialik for any type of reunion yet, she said, “Look, I think it’s still very soon, you know?”

“I haven’t heard anything about it and I just feel really lucky that I get to continue working with Jim Parsons in a producer capacity,” Bialik said of the two working together on her Fox series, “Call Me Kat.”

If they ever did return for a reunion, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

HBO Max already has a few reunion specials in the works with the casts of some of its WB-produced series, including “Friends” and “Sex and the City.” Though it aired on CBS, “Big Bang Theory” is also a Warner Bros. show.

“I’m at Warner Bros. and a happy Warner Bros. employee,” Bialik said. “So if anybody needs me, I’m just right there.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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