“The Big Bang Theory” has featured an abundance of notable guest stars and cameos ranging from esteemed scientists to beloved actors. In Season 7, Episode 14, “The Convention Conundrum,” the cast was treated to two stars who likely dazzled any fan.

After Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and his friends are unable to get tickets to San Diego Comic-Con, the genius attempts to create his own comic convention. He calls and is unsurprisingly rejected by each celebrity guest he asks to make an appearance until he introduces himself to the one and only James Earl Jones at the latter’s favorite sushi restaurant. At first, it seems as if the successful actor may not want to be bothered, but the two bond over their love of “Star Wars” and set out on an extraordinary adventure.

It would’ve been funny enough had Sheldon simply had dinner with Jones and then gone back to his plans to recruit other talents for his exclusive convention. However, in line with the physicist’s zany personality, the episode instead sees the overeager fanboy spend the entire evening with the pop culture icon. Ultimately, he has a far better time than if he had gone to Comic-Con and even meets another “Star Wars” cast member while playing a hilarious prank.

Sheldon gets two unforgettable Star Wars surprises in Episode 14

Even though “The Big Bang Theory” couldn’t escape the classic “Star Wars” mistake of misquoting Darth Vader’s iconic “I am your father” line, it doesn’t take away from the memorable episode, which features not one but two treasured performers from a galaxy far, far away. Amid Sheldon and James Earl Jones’ whimsical adventures, they stop by Carrie Fisher’s house for a friendly game of ding-dong ditch. In response to the late-night nuisance, Fisher embraces her bold personality while poking fun at her crazed caricature to ward the hooligans off her lawn with a baseball bat.

The uproarious exchange is even more special because of the outstanding feat it accomplished in the form of finally allowing Carrie Fisher to meet James Earl Jones in person. Despite their work on “Star Wars,” the two had never been in the same room, which elevates the scene into a historical moment of pop culture. On top of that, it’s even funnier that Sheldon experiences this extraordinary outing when his friends didn’t believe he could start his own comic convention.

The surprise guest stars are a treat for both Sheldon and the audience, culminating in the best cameos of Season 7. It also feels outlandishly natural for this to happen on “The Big Bang Theory” and works well thematically within the context of the show without distracting viewers.

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