The Big Bang Theory has given us a lot of funny moments to remember on a sad day, but some of them just live in our minds rent-free.

Most of the hilarious Sheldon moments occur when he is interacting with someone. And as we know, social skills are not his best quality.

But sometimes, when successful communication really happens in his life, these moments become fans’ favorites in an instant.

Fans seem to really enjoy the moments between Sheldon and Penny. Unexpectedly, they became real friends over the course of the series.

Then again, maybe that wasn’t so unusual. Penny is a total people person and Sheldon is a total introvert, so maybe their duo was meant to work?

The fandom especially adores them when they sing the “sick song” called Soft Kitty back and forth to each other when they are sick. Fans think that scene can absolutely win “the cutest” prize of the whole show.

One more pleasant moment happened with Sheldon and Amy during the Christmas episode in 11 of season 8 titled The Clean Room Infiltration.

Amy plans a traditional Victorian dinner, while her precious boyfriend Sheldon is trying to prove a point to her, by buying the worst aka best possible gift for her.

Needless to say his plan to hurt Amy by showing affection fails and he ends up just making her happy, without even wanting that.

Another moment was with Sheldon and Bernadette. And frankly, neither the gang nor the fans expected that Sheldon will get on well with the pregnant woman.

“I loved Sheldon’s DnD session with Bernadette in S09E22, where the rest of the gang went for wine tasting. Bernadette couldn’t drink, eat sushi or use the hot tub and Sheldon created the perfect scene for her,” Reddit user dixie-pixie-vixie said.

After all, it seems that despite the common thought that Sheldon is the robotic weirdo, his truly human moments were the heart of many episodes.

And that’s why we’ll never stop loving The Big Bang Theory ( and occasionally binging it all over again).


By Damyan Ivanov

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