If there is one couple that the majority of The Big Bang Theory viewers have supported from the beginning, it has to be Leonard and Penny. No matter how many hardships they went through together, and no matter how many ex- and side boyfriends and girlfriends stood in their way, their love prevailed.

Looking back on the show years after the finale, however, it doesn’t seem like such a great idea to have Penny and Leonard end up together. Viewers were rooting for Leonard to find the confidence to ask her out and get her attention, but once that happened, the relationship went downhill.

Although Penny loved Leonard, her fair share of arrogance and self-centeredness didn’t allow her to see that he was just as good for her as she was. By constantly belittling his looks, his intelligence, and his social standing, she killed the confidence that so many viewers loved to see. Instead, she created a partner who was easy to manipulate.

The Big Bang Theory offered Leonard’s fans an alternative that was meant to be worse, but in reality, remains a better fit for him than Penny ever would be. In episode 6 of season 3, we meet Alex Jensen, a graduate student in physics at Caltech and Sheldon Cooper’s assistant.

Of course, Alex is not nearly as well-developed as Penny, considering that she has a total of 4 episodes of screen time, while Penny has years. But that was enough for many fans to feel sorry that the writers never gave her and Leonard a real chance.

Not only did she work in the same field and know exactly how challenging and demanding such work can be, but she’s also genuinely interested in Leonard. Not “roll-your-eyes-and-give-him-a-chance” interested, but “having-a-proper-crush” interested. The kind of interest you really deserve in your life.

Unfortunately for those who don’t think Leonard and Penny are a good match, Alex was never even given a chance. If you want to re-watch The Big Bang Theory and judge her character for yourself, you can stream the show on Netflix or MAX.

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By Damyan Ivanov

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