Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory underwent a questionable character progression throughout the show, leaving fans divided. While she initially appeared as a less assertive and dominant friend, Bernadette evolved over the years. Despite her qualities as a good friend, a devoted mother, and a brilliant scientist, Bernadette’s occasional meanness has alienated some fans, who found it difficult to relate to her.

Moreover, several storylines involving Bernadette on the show were poorly executed, lacking coherence and failing to provide a clear understanding of her true character. Here are some of the storylines involving Bernadette that made little sense:

During a dinner with Howard, Leonard, and Priya, Bernadette exhibited strange and obnoxious behavior. She fabricated absurd and baseless lies about Penny’s career and love life, which seemed highly unrealistic given that these lies could easily be debunked. What made this situation even stranger was the fact that Bernadette was not on board with Amy’s idea. Bernadette had the opportunity to assert herself and reject Amy’s proposal, but instead, she went along with it, causing confusion among viewers.

In the fifth season, it was revealed that Bernadette initially did not want children but later changed her mind. However, she hypocritically shamed Penny for not sharing her desire to have kids. This inconsistency in Bernadette’s storyline garnered criticism from fans, as she should have been understanding of Penny’s perspective, considering she had held similar views just a few years prior.

Bernadette was taken aback when she discovered that Howard expected her to move into his mother’s home after their wedding. Given her forward-thinking nature and greater emotional stability compared to Howard, it is puzzling that Bernadette never discussed their living situation earlier. She had been aware of Howard’s living arrangements and his dependence on his mother, making it illogical that they had not addressed this issue beforehand.

Bernadette’s decision to listen to her father’s advice about a prenuptial agreement contradicted her character. Throughout the show, she had always been open and honest about her priorities. If Bernadette genuinely believed in the necessity of a prenup to protect her finances, she would have discussed it with Howard rather than relying on external influence.

One such storyline that lacks coherence is “The One With The Dinner.” During a dinner with Howard, Leonard, and Priya, Bernadette behaves oddly and obnoxiously, fabricating outrageous and false stories about Penny’s career and love life. This behavior seems unrealistic as these lies could easily be disproven. Additionally, it is puzzling that Bernadette did not object to Amy’s idea, which makes the situation even stranger since she could have chosen to decline participation.

Another perplexing storyline occurs when Bernadette shames Penny for not wanting children. In the fifth season, it is revealed that Bernadette herself did not desire to have kids initially but eventually changed her mind. Therefore, it is inconsistent and hypocritical for her to criticize Penny for sharing the same perspective she once held. This storyline has rightfully drawn criticism from fans for its lack of coherence.

Furthermore, Bernadette’s reaction to the moving-in declaration is illogical. When she discovers that Howard expects her to live with his mother after their wedding, it is surprising that Bernadette did not address this issue earlier, considering she is known for her forward-thinking and adaptability. Being aware of Howard’s dependence on his mother and his living situation, it is perplexing that Bernadette and Howard did not have a conversation about their living arrangements in advance.

Another inconsistent storyline revolves around Bernadette’s decision to listen to her father about a prenup agreement. This contradicts her character, as Bernadette has always been transparent about her priorities. If she truly desired a prenup to protect her finances, she would have discussed it openly with Howard rather than relying on advice from her father.

Additionally, Bernadette’s ignorance about Howard’s past is implausible. Prior to their wedding, she becomes disgusted by Howard’s previous creepy behavior. Given the constant banter among the group, it is unlikely that someone as intelligent as Bernadette would have missed the clues about Howard’s problematic history. Their long-term relationship and Howard’s reputation as a “creep” make it improbable that Bernadette remained unaware for so long.

The kiss debacle involving Leonard and Mandy also highlights an uncharacteristic decision made by Bernadette. Knowing about the kiss that caused tension in Leonard and Penny’s marriage during the North Sea expedition, Bernadette chooses not to inform Penny, which goes against her usual supportive nature. This plot development appears lazy and lacks consistency with Bernadette’s established character.

Furthermore, the symposium screaming match, where Howard and Bernadette have a public fight during a prestigious science event, is unrealistic. Although Howard and Raj were equally obnoxious, this display of conflict during a significant symposium is highly improbable and fails to reflect the behavior of professional scientists.

Bernadette’s tendency to make hurtful comments about Amy and Sheldon’s relationship is another inconsistency. Despite caring about Amy, Bernadette often takes unwarranted jabs at their non-existent sex life. This behavior is unnecessary, especially considering that each relationship is unique. The heated parking lot fight between Amy and Bernadette is also illogical, as it did not directly involve them.

Moreover, Bernadette’s workplace behavior raises eyebrows. As a high-level executive, her constant bullying, meanness, and lack of reason create a toxic environment. The fact that her co-workers are fearful of her and she frequently berates others without consequences seems implausible. It is difficult to believe that no one reported her behavior to HR or confronted her about it.

Lastly, when Bernadette betrays Howard by sharing his visit to the International Space Station with his mother, it contradicts the importance of honest communication that they discussed in the same episode. Instead of sticking to her opinion and helping Howard understand her perspective, Bernadette chooses to lie and go behind his back, creating unnecessary complications.

In summary, Bernadette’s character progression on The Big Bang Theory has presented several questionable storylines that lack coherence and consistency. Her actions, reactions, and behavior often defy logic, leaving fans perplexed and disconnected from her character.

By Damyan Ivanov

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