Dean Winchester’s biggest mistake on “Supernatural” was unlocking the first seal of the Apocalypse by torturing other souls in Hell. In order to release Lucifer, 66 Seals of The Cage must be broken, and the first one requires a righteous man to spill blood in Hell. Distraught over Sam’s death, Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon to bring him back, agreeing to die in one year. When the time comes, Lilith unleashes a hellhound that kills Dean and drags him to Hell.

After being tortured for 30 years, Dean agrees to torture other souls in exchange for a reprieve, unknowingly unlocking the first seal. Dean’s actions had dire consequences, as the Apocalypse is a catastrophic battle between Heaven and Hell. By breaking the first seal, he set off a sequence of events leading to the near destruction of the world.

Compared to his father, John Winchester, who was tortured in Hell for 100 years without giving in, Dean’s resolve was easily broken. His heinous violence resulted in the death of thousands and burdened him with immense guilt. Among Dean’s many mistakes on the show, this one stands out as the worst due to its ethical impermissibility and the catastrophic outcome.

Dean’s desire to save his brother led him to unleash chaos on Earth, allowing demons to roam freely. This mistake showcases the lengths Dean was willing to go to protect his loved ones, even at the cost of the world’s well-being. Throughout the series, both Sam and Dean make a plethora of mistakes, but their special bond often leads to the most drastic ones.

Dean’s mistake of unlocking the first seal of the Apocalypse is a pivotal moment in the show, forever changing the course of the story. It highlights his flawed nature and the tragic consequences that come with putting his brother above all else. In conclusion, Dean Winchester’s biggest mistake on “Supernatural” was unlocking the first seal of the Apocalypse through torturing souls in Hell. This ultimately led to the near destruction of the world and burdened Dean with immense guilt.

By Damyan Ivanov

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