The Boys’ Antony Starr has teased that the hit superhero series is gearing up to film its fourth season.

Taking to Instagram this week, the actor shared two photos of himself and his co-star Chase Crawford seemingly in an airport lounge and then on a plane (in first class, of course) together, hinting that the duo could potentially be on their way to begin filming for another round of lewd, crude and shocking storylines.

“Travel time…Wonder what that means…,” Starr captioned the post.


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The timing would certainly make sense since Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher on the show, revealed that filming on season four was to begin in August.

“We’re starting I think August the 22nd, we’re going to be starting season four,” he confirmed last month while speaking to Collider.

“So I’m getting back, getting my Butcher back on, and I can’t wait. It’s a fun gang to play with, we work hard and play hard, and I can’t wait to see where they take the characters from where we leave them at the end of this season.”

Joining the cast for the fourth outing will be Orange Is the New Black’s Susan Heyward and The Following’s Valorie Curry, who will play Sister Sage and Firecracker respectively.

Showrunner Eric Kripke revealed their arrival on Twitter last week, writing: “These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for #TheBoys. You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS.”

Kripke also confirmed that Cameron Crovetti, who portrays Homelander’s powerful Supe son Ryan, has been bumped up to a series regular.

The Boys seasons 1-3 are streaming.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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