Squid Game Season 2: Check The Games That May Have Been Hinted At

Netflix’s Squid Game resonated with fans everywhere because it beautifully contrasts the unfairness of classism and poverty with a set of games that are just as twisted as the real world, but everyone is equal. Failing the games results in deadly consequences. Consequences that players were happy to take on rather than go back to their troubled lives.

The deadly games in season one were infamously based on popular Korean children’s games. With the announcement of a second season by Netflix, many wonder what games will be introduced in Squid Game season 2. Funny enough, these games may have been mentioned in season 1.

A traditional Korean game that was briefly mentioned in episode 3 of Squid Game. This game can be played by two people or with teams. Teams are sometimes preferable to make it more interesting. Usually the game is played with a line drawn. A stone is usually put on the line. The objective is for one player or team, to knock down the opposing player or team’s stone with their own stone. If the game is only one on one, typically only one stone needs to be knocked down. If it is a team, it is multiple.

This game would only be effective in season 2 if the game is played in teams. It increases the stakes and poses a higher chance of player elimination. It isn’t one of the highest candidates to make an appearance in the next season, but that would be the only way for it to be memorable

Gi-Hun references hopscotch in episode 3 of season 1. Hopscotch is a familiar one to many. Basically there is a court already pre-existing or drawn out with a series of linear squares of varying sizes. There are usually a pair of squares side by side after a single square in a pattern. The squares are often numbered based on the order a player must hop on them.

How a player chooses their hopping destination is by throwing a marker onto the court, and skipping the square where the marker lands. The player succeeds upon reaching the safe zone, which is usually a half circle at the top of the court. Hopscotch could be a likely candidate if it shows a flair for the dramatic. Think of the glass bridge in episode 7. It would have to pose more of an obstacle than the marker itself.

Freeze Tag
A fairly simple one. Also, a familiar game. Freeze tag was another one mentioned in episode 3. It is the game of tag, but if a player is tagged they become “frozen”. A player can not move until another teammate gives the frozen player a high five, or something of the like.

This game could work well for the show if it is set on a time limit. Basically anyone who is still frozen at the end of the game, is eliminated. It could provide stressful moments for characters that are beloved and provide chances for other characters to establish heroism or villainy by choosing to either save, tag, or leave other players up for elimination.

Gonggi is basically the Korean version of jacks/knucklebones. It looks less painful since it is played with plastic pebbles or regular pebbles as opposed to spiky metal jacks. The biggest difference, Gonggi isn’t played with a rubber ball but just one of the stones already present. The objective is that a player throws a stone in the air and tries to grab one of the stones in play before the stone that is airborne comes down.

The player must swipe a stone and simultaneously catch the airborne stone in order to proceed. As the game progresses the more stones a player must swipe up while the one stone is airborne. The game of gonggi would probably play out quite similar to the marble games in episode 6 for it to be memorable.

This game was mentioned in several episodes throughout the season. Elastics is kind of like a simplified version of double dutch jump rope. An elastic band is stretched on each end around the ankles of 2 players. One on either side. The bands create two parallel lines that a third player, or several players in some cases, jump over. The objective is to not hit the bands or trip and fall.

The length of how long one must do so is pretty similar to double dutch and jump rope where you are timed by a tune or set of phrases. It may seem silly, but imagining this type of game in the series could pose something stressful to the players. In several episodes of the series the men have claimed that “girls are good at elastics”, which indeed would be an interesting juxtaposition due to the sureness of strength in the tug-of-war game in episode 4 held by men.

Cat’s Cradle
Mentioned in episode 3, cat’s cradle might not seem to be a likely candidate for the next season. Which could be true. However, given the nature of the game, it has the potential to be just as stressful as the dalgona game in episode 3. Yes, the cookie candy episode.

When playing cat’s cradle players must replicate certain shapes with a piece of string. Failure to do so ends in elimination. What is even crazier is that this game can be played in teams. Which might make it more of a challenge with higher stakes.

Da Bang Gu
Another form of tag. Gi-Hun makes mention of this game in episode 3 ‘The Man With the Umbrella’. It is pretty similar to jail tag. There is a coordinated jail area for the people who end up caught or tagged. Those who are not tagged have the option to save people from this designated area in order to help their team claim victory.

This would be an interesting entry to the games, especially if the players in jail are penalized. It could provide chances for a double cross as well.

Tail Tag
Tail tag could just be in the games for just the pure novelty alone. This one was actually mentioned in episode 4. Players are made to wear fake tails or cloths hanging out of their back pockets. This game is quite simple. Players run around trying to collect as many “tails” as possible while trying to keep their own safe.

Usually in this kind of game, once a player’s tale is captured, they must perform an exercise or task. In Squid Gamethey would just be eliminated.

Why Did You Come To My House?
This game was mentioned in episode 4. What is more is that the show’s creator Hwang Dong Hyuk has mentioned this one in an interview. He claimed that this game would be a fun addition due to its endless possibilities. The game is played with two teams of equal sizes. There is an exchange of wordplay between both the attacking and defending teams. The defending team will then ask the attacking team which one of their players that they intend to target. The attacking team names a player on the defending team. The defending player must then play rock, paper, scissors, with whichever attacker is standing opposite to them. If the defending player wins, they stay in their circle. If they lose, they must join the attacking groups circle.

This is an interesting one. It could be played as whoever is left standing will be eliminated. In Squid Game, however, games played usually offer a higher body count. So the game would have to be played with a twist. Maybe a number limit of some sort. This game definitely leaves room for backstabbing and targeting weaker opponents. Although there is a chance that rock, paper, scissors might not be the deciding factor on who joins what circle. In fact, knowing the series, it would probably be something much more threatening and challenging.

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My name is Damyan Ivanov and i was born in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated high school in 2016 and since then i'm working on wordpress news websites.