When Chrisover Nolan chose Heath Ledger to act as the Joker, he faced a fierce campaign of critics and followers, criticizing his choice, considering that Heath had no experience in the roles of evil.

Heath, in turn, accepted the challenge but had odd conditions. Writing Joker dialogues in the film, directing the scenes in which the Joker appears himself; and that he designed makeup and clothing for the Joker;

After the film was finished, rumors circulated that Heath Ledger’s acting in the film was supernatural and nothing abnormal as the actors and participants in the film circulated the news. A few weeks later, what happened was not taken into account .. The actor is found dead in his room!

His family denied any connection to the character of the Joker with his death, but psychiatrists confirmed that this character caused him a severe psychological crisis after the completion of the filming.

Perhaps the most prominent evidence of this memoir written in his last days, which was all sad and depressing and talking about the Joker; The joker on her back is written “farewell” in his own handwriting.

This news has moved around the world and people want to watch the movie and see Heath Ledger’s performance in it. The technical and musical things have been completed and the movie is ready.

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