Contains spoilers for “The Good Doctor” Season 6, Episode 8 – “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Shows based in the sphere of medicine typically have a tendency to play on viewers’ heartstrings. This is usually on account of harrowing medical emergencies, split-second decisions, and drama between doctors, their coworkers, and even their patients. “The Good Doctor” adds an additional element to the normally intense drama of the genre by focusing on Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), an exceptionally brilliant autistic doctor whose skill is undeniable, though he sometimes can come off as a little brash towards his friends, family, compatriots, and patients. Although none doubt his talent, Dr. Murphy isn’t above making mistakes because, at the end of the day, he is only human.

Season 6 of “The Good Doctor” features a long-running plot that originally started back in Season 5, and it involves Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang). During the Season 5 finale, Dr. Lim is stabbed in the gut, which results in a quick effort on the behalf of Dr. Murphy to save her liver. Unfortunately, a complication arises somewhere in the process and leaves Dr. Lim paralyzed. Lim is embittered by this outcome, and the conflict between her and Murphy is a common thread throughout Season 6. As such, there have been some very stressful scenes in Season 6 with the aforementioned pair, though fans have just been recently treated to a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and an end to the hostility.

Fans loved Murphy and Lim’s honesty

Towards the tail end of Episode 8, titled “Sorry, Not Sorry,” Dr. Shaun Murphy is given the advice to go and attempt to smooth things over with Dr. Audrey Lim. Taking this suggestion to heart, Murphy goes to talk with Lim in her office, and he begins a heartfelt apology that sees him tearing up and struggling to express his thoughts and feelings. At first, Lim appears tense, but as Murphy continues to explain himself and his processes in saving her life, she herself begins to tear up. Murphy then adds that he has missed Lim, and misses their friendship, which causes Lim to admit that the schism between the two has been rough on her as well. Lim continues and says that even though she is happy now, there are still moments of anger at how events have come to pass, but she has also missed Murphy being in her life. It was at this moment that fans also experienced some potent emotions, and wasted no time in taking the conversation to social media.

Over on the subreddit r/thegooddoctor, several fans gathered to discuss this most recent episode, and it turns out that many were brought to tears at this particular scene. User u/Spynner987 started by saying, “I cannot stress enough how much I loved this episode. The conversation between Shaun and Lim at the end almost makes me tear up.” This statement caused u/Ecstatic-Trick8276 to reply, “that scene had me sobbing screaming kicking flailing weeping screaming rabid delirious and manic.”

Fans hope the duo’s relationship improves further

There were many more fans that loved and appreciated this scene between Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Shaun Murphy. Redditor u/becca41445 thought the episode and scene were absolutely fantastic and opined that the show feels back on track. User u/Telephone_Dizzy said that Lim and Murphy’s moment hit them directly in the feels, and that they were about to cry at the weight of Murphy’s apology. Likewise, u/Annber03 said, “That was a really good scene between Shaun and Lim. It’s nice to see things slowly beginning to thaw a little between them. And then the news regarding her prognosis!”

Reddit user u/Tasaman1 was also a big fan, and stated, “Good [to] see Shaun’s storyline with Lim beginning to get some resolution. They made it so that Shaun stood firm that he made the correct decision as a surgeon, while also acknowledging that he was still sorry about the consequences even if he couldn’t have known what was going to happen.” However, u/looper65 listed several issues they had with the episode and complained about the overall quality but relented when it came to the moment between Lim and Shaun, writing, “Of course the saving scene was with Lim and Shaun. It was so satisfying. It was everything I wanted him to explain to her.”

How this apology plays out in future episodes is sure to be a major plot, and it definitely sounds like fans are happy that there isn’t so much bad blood between Lim and Murphy going forward. This will be particularly important on the account that Lim’s paralysis might eventually be cured, which should help alleviate any lingering animosity between the two.


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