Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Dec. 12 episode of The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor‘s fall finale culminated in a surprise pregnancy reveal, an even more surprising marriage proposal and a potentially fatal drug overdose.

Let’s begin with the pregnancy. Just two weeks after we learned that Lea had developed Asherman’s syndrome, which would make it difficult for her to conceive and even more difficult to carry a child to term, Lea found out that she was expecting. She ran to Shaun with the test results and told him that she was scared — and understandably so. After all, her OB had only recently told her that it wouldn’t be safe to get pregnant right now… and it may never be safe again. But Shaun stayed strong for his wife, reminding her what she’d recently told him. “You told me to imagine what could be,” he said. “Let’s do that together.” (#PositiveVibesOnly)

Heading into the episode, we expected the biggest cliffhanger to revolve around Dr. Audrey Lim, and whether or not she decided to have surgery to reverse her paralysis. However, the chief was already in pre-op as the hour drew to a close, and she’d just been shown an engagement ring by new boyfriend Clay! It was just a symbolic gesture — his way of assuring the chief that he was committed to her whether she was confined to her wheelchair or back on her feet — but Lim’s always been a bit of a daredevil. Who’s to say she won’t call his bluff?

We’re feeling less certain about the staying power of Jordan and Perez’s relationship. Following a spur-of-the-moment kiss just last week, Perez invited Jordan over for dinner — an official first date. However, when Jordan arrived, she found that the recovering drug addict had relapsed. He was passed out on the floor with a syringe by his side. As for whether he’ll make it, well… we’ll just leave this here.

The Good Doctor Season 6 resumes Monday, Jan. 23 at 10/9c, on ABC.

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