The Padalecki family is going to a wild adventure [PHOTOS]

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The wife of Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki just shared in her social media profiles some cute photos of her family going to a wild adventure.

Genevieve also quotes Thoreau: “All good things are wild and free”

As we see in her social media profiles she is a wild woman which cannot live without adventure in her life. The description of the photos is -“You can take the girl out of the adventure, but you can’t take the adventure out of the girl. Although I am hoping for a calm 2021, I can’t help but look for a mountain (or truck or backyard tree) to climb. Here’s to finding the road less traveled—or the backyard tent to crawl into. Whatever it may be, I hope you find the breath of fresh air you need and deserve this year. @eddiebauer #FindYourselfOutside #EBContributor”

You can find her photos below: