Jensen Ackles has shared Jared Padalecki’s hideous habit

Maybe Supernatural ended but the uncovncious love between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will live on. Longtime fans of the show are well aware of Sam and Dean Winchester’s quirks and personalities, but what about the actors behind them? Ackles and Padalecki love sharing anecdotes about one other off camera, including some of their best … Read more

Walker star Jared Padalecki talks about why he never wanted his kids to watch him in Supernatural

Parents have a lot of responsibility to raise their kids. Everything from what kind of schools they should go to, to how they should be disciplined, and slightly less serious things like how much you’ll spend on gifts for them or how much screen time you’ll let them have need to be decided. And, speaking … Read more

Walker star Jared Padalecki teases the arrival of a suspicious visitor from his childhood

Cordell Walker is about to get a visit from his childhood bestie in this week’s episode of Walker. The tricky part is that said bestie, Hoyt Rawlins (Matt Barr), isn’t exactly going to make Walker’s life easier. “What Hoyt Rawlins brings out is one of the themes that we’re trying to work with in Walker, … Read more

Jared Padalecki shares an amazing announcement about Walker Season 2 [PHOTO]

Supernatural and Walker star Jared Padalecki announced, that his new series – Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot has been picked up for a second season. He announced the news in his social media profiles, where he also shared how grateful he is for the support. Here’s the whole text – “Couldn’t be prouder to announce we’ve … Read more

The CW’s Walker: Jared Padalecki’s secret skill is finally revealed

Fresh off 15 seasons of the apocalyptic demon-hunting serie, Supernatural, Jared Padalecki headed back home to Texas and the CW for a reimagining of the Chuck Norris show Walker, Texas Ranger. Padalecki booted up as Ranger Cordell Walker last week in the Walker pilot, amassing the highest viewership of any episode on the network since 2018, according to TVLine. Now, those are some … Read more

The CW has released some PHOTOS of ‘Walker’ Episode 3 called “Bobble Head”

The CW has shared some pictures to promote the February 4 episode of Walker which is called “Bobble Head.” There are 14 photos which guest stars Matt Barr of Blood & Treasure and Hellcats fame. And, in keeping with Jared Padalecki’s Supernatural past, there’s a very cool car involved! You can find the photos below, … Read more

Walker’s Synopsis Unveils More Secrets From Cordell Walker’s Time Undercover

The official synopsis for the 4th episode of The CW’s Walker, “Don’t Fence Me In,” will unveil more secrets from Cordell Walker’s time undercover. The premise for the series is Walker returning home and rejoining the Texas Rangers after spending months undercover following the death of his wife. This led to a wedge being driven … Read more

Walker becomes the CW’s most-watched series premiere

ATTENTION! If you’re a fan of Jared Padalecki’s Walker, join our Facebook groups – Cordell Walker and Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot. Thanks!! Jared Padalecki’s post-Supernatural project Walker just delivered the CW’s most-watched series premiere in five years, a title previously held by DC Legends of Tomorrow, which debuted in 2016. With its 2.43 million viewers, … Read more

‘Supernatural’ stars Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Jared Padaleski’s ‘Walker’ Premiere

While Supernatural may have come to an end last year, it seems the show’s stars still have each other’s backs. Case in point: Jared Padalecki, whose first major show since the CW series ended, Walker –a reimagining of Walker, Texas Ranger – made its debut last night (January 21), and both Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey … Read more

Jensen Ackles’ wife shares a cute post for the premier of Walker [PHOTO]

Jensen Ackles’ wife – Danneel Ackles shares a cute post for the premier of Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Padalecki’s new show – Walker. The post was uploaded in her social media profile, with a description of – “I am so happy for my friends @jaredpadalecki and @genpadalecki and the premier of their show @thecwwalker. Kick … Read more