Penny and Leonard Hofstadter’s relationship was a significant plotline throughout the entirety of The Big Bang Theory’s 12 seasons. The on-again-off-again nature of their romantic relationship left fans wanting for more. Eventually, the pair get it right and end up married, but many fans were left wondering exactly how the unlikely pair finally made it work. Funnily enough, if you look at the two character’s inherent flaws, their pairing is a lot more logical than it appears at first glance.

Leonard is desperately looking for affirmation
Leonard’s childhood is often pointed to as the source of most of his adult problems. The child of a renowned psychiatrist, Leonard, appears perfectly well-adjusted, if not a bit socially awkward at first glance. As the series progressed, however, it became apparent that Leonard was deeply wounded by a cold parental relationship. Beverly Hofstadter didn’t give her love easily and often criticized Leonard for being “needy.”

Because Leonard is so desperate for affirmation, he goes out of his way for other people. It’s probably the reason that Leonard and Sheldon remain roommates for so long. Sheldon often uses Leonard when it fits his needs, and Leonard lets him. Penny does the same. Fans have criticized the character for being self-absorbed and a little mean at times. When you look at Leonard’s background, though, that’s the exact type of woman he would likely go for. The painfully adaptable Leonard seemingly seeks out women who are inherently difficult or hard to reach.

Penny needed stability
Penny, at first glance, appears to have it all. She’s drop-dead gorgeous and seems to date a string of equally-good looking men. When you drill down, though, Penny is desperately insecure about her intelligence and her ability to make it on her own. She also tends to go after men, who, while incredibly handsome, offer very little in the way of substance. They also tend to lie, cheat, and steal from her.

It’s possible that Penny settled down with Leonard because she assumed, rightfully so, that he wouldn’t leave her. Leonard is the ever-present stable force in the lives of all of his friends, so it would make sense that he would be that to his romantic partner, too. Dependability is a character trait that a lot of people look for in a life partner. Penny is likely no different.

Penny seems to be well aware of the fact that she’s the better-looking mate in their pairing, and that gives her an advantage over Leonard. It’s often said that the person who loves their partner less has all the power. For Penny and Leonard, it’s pretty clear that he loves her way more than she loves him. The revelation isn’t lost on Penny, and that is all the security she needs to feel in control, something she likely didn’t feel with past lovers.

Does a traumatic childhood influence later romantic endeavors?
Childhood trauma comes in many forms. Sure, most people think of physical abuse and neglect when they think of a traumatic upbringing, but there are a lot of subtle traumas that can occur during one’s childhood. The state of a person’s early homelife can influence their adult relationships.

According to The National Institute of Health a child who grows up with positive family experiences and effective parenting, are more likely to have healthy romantic relationships as adults. That is likely because they were given the tools and room to express themselves respectfully. It goes both ways, though. A child who doesn’t experience an accepting homelife has a tendency to experience poor outcomes in romantic relationships. In certain circumstances, children who are heavily criticized for asserting themselves, learn to stifle their emotions. Leonard, for example, appears to lack assertiveness and tends to bend to the wills of those around him.

Penny’s childhood is a bit more of a mystery. While she appears to have a stable relationship with her father as an adult, she quipped that her father had wanted her to be a boy. He is also shown or mentioned in several episodes overshadowing Penny and being highly overprotective of her. It’s possible that the overshadowing Penny experienced from her father, sent her in the entirely opposite direction when picking a life partner. She could have been looking for someone who would allow her to shine. Leonard would be the perfect fit if that were really her desire.


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