The Big Bang Theory earned a well-deserved spot as one of the most loved shows of all time.

The American comedy series features a group of socially awkward scientists living in Pasadena and follows their personal and professional lives as they navigate the world of science, love, and friendship in their own funny and unique ways.

The show started off centered around the awkward, eccentric, and highly intelligent Sheldon and his new roommate and fellow nerdy scientist, Leonard. Whilst Leonard’s world was turned upside-down when he met their neighbor Penny and their friendship blossomed into an unlikely love, Sheldon remained dedicated to his career.

Penny and Leonard’s relationship may have been a huge focal point at the beginning of the show, as well as their ups and downs throughout the series, but there was another relationship in the making that fans were excitedly anticipating.

As Sheldon and Leonard’s friendship circle grew, Amy was introduced.

Much like Sheldon, she was dedicated to her career as a neurobiologist, but the biggest thing they had in common was their social anxiety and difficulty forming romantic relationships. Although it took a long time for their friendship to develop into something more, fans were delighted when Sheldon and Amy became an item.

Their somewhat unconventional relationship was comedy gold on screen, but there were plenty of memorable moments off-screen too.

One of these moments was their iconic first kiss, and although the pair look back on it today and laugh together, it was more gross than funny.

When actors Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik who played Sheldon and Amy were set to share their first kiss on screen, Parsons was sick. He had contracted what he described as a respiratory cold and was afraid to get his co-star sick as they had to do the kiss multiple times. Luckily for the pair, it all went smoothly and Bialik handled the takes well despite Parsons being ill, but this was because she had a trick up her sleeve.

In a manner that was true to the logical, sensible character she played, Bialik had been gargling peroxide between takes to prevent catching Parsons’s sickness, and it worked like a charm in every way possible. Not only did she stay healthy in the days following, but the kiss scene was a huge success. However, looking back at the scene now it’s hard not to think about Sheldon and Amy’s first kiss being when “Sheldon” was carrying germs in his mouth and “Amy” had fresh sterile peroxide breath, but fans won’t let that kill the moment!


By Damyan Ivanov

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