Umbrella Academy season 3 filming has wrapped, showrunner Steve Blackman would like you to know.

The TV writer has uploaded a video to his Instagram page which features Elliot Page telling fans that season three filming has wrapped. Then Tom Hopper tells fans that season three filming has wrapped. Then Robert Sheehan tells fans that season three filming has wrapped. Then, you guessed, more people state that season three filming has wrapped.

Season three filming has wrapped, everyone!


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Season three of Umbrella Academy features our protagonists in an alternate universe, where they meet a new group of super-powered individuals known as the Sparrow Academy, one of whom is a cube, because of course. If you want more info on the group, you can get up to date here.

The episode titles for season three were recently revealed, and it looks like we’re going to a wedding (yay!) and the possible death of a beloved character (not yay). Again, we’ve already broken down the titles and what they could all mean.

“What we love is we’re doing a wilder, bigger, zanier, season than ever before. I think our emotional stories between this dysfunctional family, we’re just building it up even more,” Blackman recently said.

“There’s some very big surprises with the family this year. There are some amazing changes that people will love to sort of dig into, and there’s a lot of growth for this family this year in a way that people are just not going to expect.”

“I can give you absolutely no hint, but I tell you that we have tonnes of Easter eggs. We love putting Easter eggs in for our fans, and there’s more Easter eggs than ever this year than our previous seasons.”

Umbrella Academy season 3 does not have a release window yet. Seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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