The Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan revealed the original plan for his character Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson, before the spin-off series The Originals came to fruition.
Speaking with Tommy DiDario for his weekly Instagram Live Fandom Show, Morgan revealed that his character was only supposed to appear for a mere four episodes, which is hard to believe now that he has become one of the fan favourites from the show.
“When you sign on to be a series regular on most network television shows it’s a six year contract,” he said. “I signed that contract before I joined the show at all, so there was always potential after these four guest episodes to be a regular. In some ways, really, they could do whatever they wanted.
“But from the beginning it was always thought that Klaus would die at the end of season three. So I would come in at the end of season two, season three would be my big season of being this villain throughout the whole season and then the good guys would defeat me at the end of season three.
“That’s what I wanted as well, because it wasn’t my show and I thought: ‘Well this is great, I can springboard off this and try and get my own show and keep building my profile and use this as part of that’.
“Then a few things happened – one was of course the degree of passion with which the fans responded to the character and the other was that I was just having so much fun playing [him] and I always felt that for the character there wasn’t enough room to grow in the setting of The Vampire Diaries.”
Explaining the huge part the fans had in shaping the spin-off show, he added: “All of these fan-made trailers kept happening for The Originals. The fans named that show. It was them creating all these online trailers for the show, to the point where Claire [Holt] and Daniel [Gillies, who played Mikaelson siblings Rebekah and Elijah respectively] and I were thinking ‘You know this would be really great, this could be a real thing’.”
And as they say, the rest is history.
Those who have watched the show (spoilers follow if you haven’t) will know that the Mikaelson family went on to enjoy five seasons of The Originals before Klaus finally sacrificed himself, alongside brother Elijah, to save his daughter Hope.
You can now follow Hope’s journey in Legacies.