Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have been taking a walk down memory lane lately and we’re absolutely living for these big reveals.

The former Vampire Diaries co-stars have been talking about their new bourbon line together and their time on the show as brothers, which turned into a real life friendship that remains strong to this day.

“I think the relationship between the brothers was the most important one,” Paul Wesley told Today.

“We spent a lot of beautiful, perfect summer Georgia evenings. You know, just sort of, like, sitting there together just running lines. I remember we moved in next to each other in season one. We had apartments next to each other,” Ian Somerhalder said.

The IRL BFFs also talked about the show’s popularity with Ian pointing out one particular instance that made him realize how big the show had gotten.

“We were trying to leave the hotel. And there was, like, 1,000 people on either side of this little hotel where we used to stay at all the time. And we had to go through secret entrances and we had multiple cars,” he revealed. “Two dummy cars, one we were in, one we weren’t. One for full security and the guy at the time who’s the head of Warner Brothers International just said, ‘The only time I’ve seen this, like, this was the launch of Beverly Hills, 90210, believe it or not.'”

Paul opened up about the chance of getting to play a villain for a bit saying, “I was always the good guy. And so I was a little bit envious, frankly. So when my character took a turn and became the bad guy, the ripper, that for me was you know, I was super excited to do something different.”

Ian and Paul also revealed their favorite scene that they got to film together which is the brothers big reunion in the afterlife in the finale.

“That to me was a really powerful moment, because it was the last thing we ever shot,” Paul said.

Thankfully, we can always rewatch it on our Netflix queues whenever we want.

Source: seventeen.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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