The Vampire Diaries stars Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev on a winter vacation [VIDEO]

The all know star from ‘The Vampire Diaries’, Paul Wesley or more known as Stefan Salvatore just posted a video in his social media profiles being on a winter vacation with Nina Dobrev. As we all know Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder launched their own Bourbon brand called ‘Brothers Bond’. The drink is named after … Read more

Nina Dobrev Shares Throwback ‘Vampire Diaries’ Photo

Nina Dobrev had a pretty great Throwback Thursday post this week! The 32-year-old actress shared a photo of her from her The Vampire Diaries days. “is it weird to say that i miss being attacked on a regular basis? #tbt,” she captioned the snap. Check it out below! Nina‘s former co-star Michael Trevino commented, “This … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Would Have Been Way Different If It Followed LJ Smith’s Books

Though ‘The Vampire Diaries’ kept the Elena-Salvatore brothers triangle from the books, many arcs were altered or never made it to the show at all. In many ways, The CW’s The Vampire Diaries sticks close to its source material. However, many significant alterations were made to L.J Smith’s books when it was adapted into the … Read more

10 Facts from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ you probably didn’t know about

Dobrev and Wesley “despised each other” at the start of the show, but are now good friends. During an appearance on “TVD” stars Candice King and Kayla Ewell’s podcast called “Directionally Challenged,” Dobrev said that despite playing an on-screen couple, she and Wesley “didn’t get along at the beginning of the show.” “I respected Paul … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev came out with her decision between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

Have you watched the supernatural series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and wondered who Elena Gilbert would choose if her options were between the two brothers, Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley? When it came to Damon and Stefan, Elena made her decision on the series. What about Elena’s portrayer, Nina Dobrev? Who would she have chosen if … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Elena thinks she met Stefan first, but actually it was Damon

It came up that Elena Gilbert met Stefan Salvatore in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but in reality, she had known and even flirted with Damon(Ian Somerhalder) long before. With a series like ‘The Vampire Diaries’, which has spread across 8 long seasons and 171 episodes complete with flashbacks and complicated ancestral lines, it can become hard … Read more

Legacies should introduce Stefanie Salvatore

At the end of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert reunited and embarked on a supernatural-free life. While they haven’t appeared in any real capacity since then, there have been some pretty big hints about just what happened to the couple, with an Easter egg in The Originals teasing that Elena had become … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’: What Could Have Happen If Elena Ended Up With Stefan And Not Damon

The Vampire Diaries will always remain one of the best teen drama series of all time. The series that aired for 8 glorious seasons left the fans in a pool of happy and sad tears when it ended. Given a chance to rewrite the ending what would be your The Vampire Diaries Climax 2.0? The … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev Admitted she did not like Paul Wesley while filming the show

Throwback to the time when Nina Dobrev revealed that she did not like her The Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley while filming the show. RELATED: * ‘The Vampire Diaries’ stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley announce their new passion (Photos) Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert were hands down, one of the most cherished couples from … Read more

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) to appear in Legacies Season 3?

Are we going to see The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) coming in Legacies season 3? The Vampire Diaries universe is calling Dr. Elena Gilbert in Legacies season 3! We need you. Can showrunners bring Nina Dobrev in Legacies? Nina said goodbye to the Vampire Diaries universe in season 6 when she left … Read more