The Winchesters spoilers follow.

John Winchester and Mary Campbell gave in to their feelings for each other during the midseason finale of Supernatural prequel The Winchesters.

This seismic moment occurred as they continued their quest to stop the Akrida from terminating civilisation as we know it, with Mary’s dad Samuel helping to save the day just as things were looking desperate.

Speaking to TVLine about the future couple’s first kiss, showrunner Robbie Thompson explained why this was the right time to give fans what they’ve been anticipating.

“When we first got together in the writers room, it was obviously top of mind when you’re dealing with a show that’s a love story,” he began. “At what point do you want to really show them take that leap?

“We always knew we were going to have a winter break or midseason finale of some kind, and it felt like from a dramatic standpoint, that was very quickly on the board as it felt like the right place to put it.

“And then it was a question of: ‘Why this moment?’ Obviously, life-or-death moments have a tendency to exacerbate things… The fallout of that kiss is something that we’re going to play for the rest of this first season,” Thompson went on to tease.

“You have those moments where you’re swept up in the moment, and it’s like: ‘OK, here we go.’ And then it’s like: ‘Oh, wait, the world didn’t end. OK. Now what do we do?’ There’s a direct pickup of that in the eighth episode, which I’m excited for fans to see.”

Hailing the performances of both Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly, The Winchesters boss pointed out their expert handling of “the slow-burn” leading up to the kiss too.

“This isn’t necessarily leading to them living happily ever after or anything like that, because we still want to play the complexity of this relationship, and the ups and downs of it that was certainly hinted at in the mothership.”

The Winchesters airs every Tuesday on The CW in the US. Broadcast details for the UK are still to be confirmed.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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