The Witcher is hard to miss on Netflix’s platform given that it’s gotten two seasons already and has numerous spin-offs like Nightmare of the Wolf as well as supporting content for The Witcher’s world, but this week, it showed up again in another somewhat unexpected location.

Nailed It!, one of Netflix’s many baking shows, featured an entire episode themed around The Witcher where people had to create baked goods reminiscent of some of the more memorable moments from the show. And for fans of Nailed It! and The Witcher alike – and particularly for those who like both shows – this episode seems to have been a hit.

The episode of Nailed It! we’re referring to is simply called “The Witcher” and is the second episode of the seventh season that just got underway this week on October 5th. With host Nicole Byer and the contestants decked out in The Witcher-appropriate attire, the bakers were tasked with two challenges: Creature Face Cupcakes and a cake capturing Geralt’s iconic bathtub scene.

In the former, the contestants had to make cupcakes modeled after the faces of some of the series’ more memorable humanoids. Torque the sylvan from the Season 1 episode “Four Marks” was one of the featured creatures alongside the cursed Duny and the burdened Nivellen. For those who’ve watched Nailed It! before, those renditions of the characters from The Witcher went about as well as expected.

After that, the contestants had to bake a cake that showed Geralt lounging in a tub, a scene from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which naturally made an appearance in the Netflix show as well. The cake above is the one the bakers were presented with to use as their model. You can see how those recreations turned out by checking out the episode yourself, but if you don’t care about spoilers and just want to see the results, others have already shared them online.

The Season 7 trailer for Nailed It! did say that this episode was coming, but for the many who might not’ve seen that preview, this episode was a welcome surprise. For those who watch more Netflix shows beyond these two, you may also be interested to know that there are Cobra Kai and Umbrella Academy episodes out now as part of this season, too.


By Damyan Ivanov

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