With anticipation continuing to build for The Witcher Season 4, Freya Allan, who plays Ciri in the show, caught up with NME to discuss what fans can expect. Speaking to the outlet, she said the season will be a “very different series” and that production will begin “soon.”

In the interview she said: “I feel extremely grateful that Ciri has a very interesting arc until the end. I really do think that I’ve been able to take the character from, you know, if you think about her at the beginning of the series, she’s going to be completely different by the end [of the story] and everything she’s experienced,” said Allan. “I think she’s the character you really get to see change the most throughout the whole show. And I feel very grateful to get to do that.”

She continued: “And I think this next realm and this next chapter that we’re going into with her is going to be a very, very different one. It’s going to be a very different series and I’m excited and kind of scared to experience that version of her and the things that she’s going to go through potentially in the next season.”

Source: gamereactor.eu

By Ivaylo Angelov

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