Talented cosplayer(supertaunt) has stunned Witcher fans in the social media with her recreation of red-headed sorceress Triss, in a softer meadow shot.

‘The Witcher’ fanbase swelled in size in 2019 when the already immensely popular books series and games were adapted into a live action TV series starring Henry Cavill.

On December 31, 2019, Parrot Analytics even said that it was the most in-demand TV show in the world at the time, dethroning Disney’s ‘the Mandalorian.’

It’s then no surprise that many new followers, have put their cosplay skills to the test and recreated some of the gorgeously complex outfits used in both the show’s, as well as the game.

Supertaunt’s recreation of Triss is amazing, her signature red hair brightening the shot and tying into the warmer environment. Commenters loved it, sending their praise the cosplayer’s way and calling it “absolutely incredible, outstanding work.”

No matter of the complexity of the Witcher’s costumes, the cosplayer has done a great job at matching the intricacy of the costume design – right down to the etchings on the leather waistcoat, and the lattice on the turquoise sleeves.

The location seems the perfect place to bring Triss’ vibrant aesthetic to life, the yellow meadow flowers perfectly complementing the outfit’s color palette. It captures the fantasy feel of the Witcher series while giving it a lighter look.


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Care for a round of Gwent? Adding new Triss photos to patreon this month! #cosplay #triss #Witcher

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Supertaunt recreates characters from a variety of different areas including films like Thor and Suicide Squad, as well as various different anime.

But she has also delved into the world of the Witcher previously, having created an incredible likeness of Ciri in front of a mountain backdrop.

Source: dexerto.com