Main Star on ‘The Walking Dead’ has taken on another project in the form of new movie

‘The Walking Dead’ star Chandler Riggs has taken on another project in the form of new movie Only – and it’s now on Netflix just waiting for you  to enjoy it.

Romantic drama Only is a timely release, with Netflix’s plot synopsis reading: “A couple must endure a self-imposed quarantine and elude authorities after a mysterious virus proves lethal to the world’s female population”.

The movie stars Planet of the Apes actress Freida Pinto and Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr as couple Eva and Will, who are forced to go into hiding after a comet containing a deadly virus hits the Earth and kills most of the women in the world.

The pair stay locked in their over-sterilised apartment to keep Eva safe but when Eva’s desperation for a normal life brings to damage their relationship, they have to come out with a way to escape their quarantine and fight for their lives against dangerous bounty hunters who track down the few remaining women.

The masterpiece, which came on Netflix in the US last month, stars Riggs as Casey, a young man who hunts down female in order to claim a reward.

The star is no stranger to working with a gun as he previously played Carl Grimes, the little son of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, on ‘The Walking Dead’.

Poor little Carl was put through the mill during his time on the series having been forced to shoot dead his mum Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) to prevent her re-animating after she was bitten by a zombie, and later losing an eye after being shot.

Carl exited the series in season 8 after being bitten by a walker.He took his fate into his own hands, Carl shot himself to prevent his own re-animation as a walker.

Carl’s death was hugely controversial among fans, particularly as the character is still alive in the comic books, and Riggs later jokingly ribbed Scott Gimple, who was producer at the time, about the character’s death.

After The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account told a fan that they “need to read the comics” to solve a mystery from the show Riggs cheekily replied, “that’s what i told scott gimple”.