On September 10, Netflix gave a definitive closure to Lucifer. The series, starring Tom Ellis, was rescued by the platform after its cancellation on Fox and had an unexpected success. That is why the fiction was renewed until the sixth season which was the end of this story about the most rebellious son of God.

And even though there are rumors that Tom Ellis could return for a seventh season of Lucifer, The truth is that there is still nothing confirmed. But, even so, details continue to emerge of what this Netflix rage was and the one who just confessed something completely unexpected was the same protagonist. This is because the actor talked about what it meant to work on the series.

During fiction, Ellis personifies a Lucifer fully formed in terms of physical appearance. And, to achieve that image, he had to get in shape himself in order to be accepted for the role. So much so that, recently, he remembered the ups and downs that this brought him, but above all he spoke of the well-being in his mental health that this brought him. Although, he was also cautious and confessed the risks that excessive training could generate.

“I think there is a dangerous tipping point when you really step into that space where you become overly body conscious, that can be unhealthy”, He began explaining. Then, he encouraged his fans to stay fit and healthy, warning that obsessing over body image can have serious consequences.

“If exercise is all about your life, that’s going to ruin your sanity.”, He declared. He also added: “I think there is a danger when people really get obsessed with exercising and you start going on social media to look at people’s bodies and see how wrecked they are, that’s a pretty toxic world too”.

Tom EllisIn preparation for season four, he gained 20 pounds of muscle and maintained this fitness for subsequent editions. And from what he said, even though body image can have consequences, it was much more difficult for him to be away from his family.

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By Damyan Ivanov

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