TV dramas can be super stressful, yet we can’t look away and we can’t get enough. What are the most stressful TV shows you can stream or watch right now? Buzz Bingo has the answer!

Buzz Bingo analyzed the stress levels and searched for tweets from audiences to see which popular TV dramas cause viewers the most stress. The source has shared the results with us and you may be surprised.

Squid Game, Netflix’s latest hit series, may come to mind. American Horror Story is another one I quickly thought about. I love the horror series, but all horror causes stress. However, there are some shows on Buzz Bingo’s list that I was surprised to see.

Which drama has kept you on the edge of your seat? Let’s check out Buzz Bingo’s list! Be sure to share with us how many of the shows listed below you’ve seen or if you can think of any others.

Here are the most stressful TV shows and the number of tweets from audiences watching.

  • Squid Game – 190,897 stressed out tweets
  • Sex Education – 57,256 stressed out tweets
  • Lucifer – 52,025 stressed out tweets
  • American Horror Story – 50,657 stressed out tweets
  • Ted Lasso – 48,354 stressed out tweets
  • The Walking Dead – 46,088 stressed out tweets
  • Loki – 34,678 stressed out tweets
  • Stranger Things – 33,456 stressed out tweets
  • The Handmaids Tale – 13,283 stressed out tweets
  • Bridgerton – 7,6559 stressed out tweets
  • Which of these shows are you surprised to see on here?


By Damyan Ivanov

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